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San Juan missionaries lead the way!
September 22, 2014

Well this week was great! Our best week in Montrose by far! Our progress is at a steady upwards slope! We had: 1 investigator at church, 5 lessons with a member present (we are leading the zone 2 weeks in a row now!), 11 other lessons, 4 progressing investigators, 1 on date, 6 Less Active/RC lessons, 5 new investigators and TEN service hours!! San Juan (elders/sisters combined) is leading the zone in new investigators found! It was a busy week but we loved it! I can't believe we are starting week FIVE of my second transfer! I am coming up quick on my 3 month mark! It is insane how fast the time has been going. Because of school starting, I lose a month of my mission  and I will be coming home on December 2, 2015! So crazy right?! I can't believe I only have just over 14 months left. It seems like such a long time to most, but I already am starting to wish I had more time! Being a missionary is the best job in the world!!! <3

SOOO Tuesday we had zone conference. What a WONDERFUL experience! We had Elder and Sister Lawrence come from the 70. What an amazing experience. Sister Lawrence talked for TWO HOURS on deeeeeeep doctrine of the gathering of Israel. What a responsibility we have. There is a whole paragraph about it in my patriarchal blessing that I never understood until now! It was amazing and I learned SOOOOO much! I took 5 pages of notes! I will have to send home my notes so you can read them. The greatest knowledge I gained was that I CHOSE before this life to come to THIS earth and be a MISSIONARY. It was my choice and ALL OF US are here because we chose to come! We had special talents before that we chose to develop in the pre-earth life, which leads to what we have now on earth. It was my duty to serve a mission that I chose before this life. Kind of hard to explain over email, but all in all, a GREAT zone conference. It was awesome to see everyone on the western slopes. Dotto is going home next transfer so I got to see her and say goodbye which was great :) On Wednesday we had interviews with President and Sister Murdock. They were great and I love them so much! Talk about inspired by the Lord!

So some funny tracting stories from the week:

Random dirty diapers found outside a door while tracting...

On Thursday we were tracting- We start out and the first house we knock on, a dog starts barking like crazy and we wait a second.... then, all of a sudden, a HUGE DOG (as big as me) starts sprinting towards us and BREAKS THROUGH THE DOOR AT US!!!! I quickly STIFF ARM the door and try to keep him from eating us!!! Haha! It was SOOO scary and I almost cried lol. BUT we had a good laugh after :) SO THEN... we continue tracting and we get to a house about 30 minutes later. We knock really nicely and a man SCREAMS at us "WHAT?!?" Noakes and I look to each other and immediately are freaked out. We don't respond, and the man YELLS again, "JUST COME IN!!!" We both turn to each other and feel like we need to get out of there... AND FAST. SO  we wait a second and then the man yells, "OKAY I'M COMING!!!!" I FREAK OUT and start SPRINTING as fast as I can away from the door and Noakes follows after me. We sprint about 4 trailers down and proceed to hide behind another trailer for 5 minutes. HAHA. It was hilarious and a moment I will never forget. I love Sister Noakes. We have the most bizarre things happen to us while tracting. (Oh, we also saw a man that did not have a nose while tracting this week... straight up it was a hole in his face... it was sad/scary :/)

Many signs like this telling others to not preach religion to them because they are Catholic

SO 2 other funny stories from this week... (Like Lance always says... Life's all about a good story, right?)

We had this investigator named Ivan. He is in his early 20's and speaks english and spanish. Sister Noakes OYMed him while I was on exchanges and we went and met him when I got back and he said he read the restoration pamphlet and LOVED it. So of course, we freak out and are so excited to teach him. HE texts US and asks when we can talk more about the gospel and we set up a church tour with him for Thursday night. Well, thursday rolls around and we text him to confirm the appointment and he says he can't make it because his family is Jehovah's Witness and since he's living in their house, they won't let him go :( We were sooo sad because he was SO SOLID. So we text him and say something like "Oh sorry about that, let us know if we can ever teach you in the future" and he responds back and says, "Yeah, for sure, we should hang out sometime ;)" HAHAHA. wait, what??? Needless to say, we dodged a bullet on that one and it was a good thing too ;) It was funny/super depressing haha.


Cool garden goose reppin' the sunglasses!
Last story:

I don't remember if I ever told ya'll about Steven the Skeleton or not, but here goes:

About 2 weeks ago, we come out of a dinner appointment and see this skeleton sitting on our car. Freaked out, we pick it up and realize it is from the San Juan Elder​s.
They got it from some investigator and it became this joke between us in taking him and stealing him back. Well, while I'm on exchange in Gunnison last week, Sister Noakes accidentally left the car unlocked while they were in an appointment and the elders broke into our car and stole Steven the Skeleton back. Soooo, I come home and STEVEN IS GONE. It was devastating so we text the elders and tell them we want him back and they reply with, "Then go find him." SOOO how amazing (and creepy lol ;)) sister noakes ​is..she knows the code to their apartment.


​So, we break into the elders apartment one day, and there is Steven, just sitting on the floor. So we steal him and keep him at our house for the past week, thinking of how to prank them back. Well... fast forward to this friday... we're doing some service at a thrift shop organizing baby clothes and we find a Utah Utes onesie. Elder Penuelas (our district leader) is a HUGE utes fan. So we buy the onesie and are planning on giving it to him. He is training two missionaries at the same time right now and calls them his "Mijos" ("My sons" in spanish). Therefore, naturally, sister noakes and I have nicknamed the san juan elders the "three mijos." SOOO after we get the utes onesie we are plannig on giving it to penuelas and telling him to save it for the next "mijo" he has :) well... THEN I have the idea to put the onesie ON the skeleton and hide it in the elders car. SOOO, what do we do? Just that. We dress Steven in the onesie and break into the elders car one day when they left it unlocked. It was hilarious, and of course, we had to have a photo shoot with Steven before giving him back. The elders call us when they find steven in the back seat and Penuelas says "When the HECK did you sisters steal steven back?!? I walk out to the car, see the skeleton in the back seat and freaked out!!!" It was sooo funny and we had a good time being super stealth breaking into their car :) ahhhh good, clean, mission fun. It was a good laugh :)


Steven photo shoot...Steven in the Utes shirt and Steven in the Elders' car

Let's see... Saturday we did service all morning by helping a less active move into her new thrift shop she is opening up for children with disabilities. It was fun. I love doing service here! It is one of my favorite parts of my mission! Other than that, Sunday we had an investigator, Leti, come to church. She is the mother in law of one of our less actives and they both came this Sunday! Long story short, Leti used to be anti but now LOVES the church but lives in Vegas. She said she is going home in 2 weeks (but she's said that 4 times now lol). Soooo we are totally going to try and see if she will be baptized before she leaves! It is great, so pray that she will say yes :) We also had a charla foganera last night for the rama. It was an amazing fireside and Brother Bugarin (who isn't even in the branch but speaks spanish) gave it. They are a WONDERFUL family with such strong testimonies.

We do service at a thrift store called Raising Hope

That's about all I have for this week! It was a super swell week and we only have 2 weeks left in this transfer!!! So insane! I love this work and this gospel! It is the greatest blessing in my life and it can change yours too! Never forget how much our Savior loves you... God's Speed! Los Quiero!

Hermana Pierce

PS: CONFERENCE IN 2 WEEKS WOOHOOOO!!!!!! #ldsconf #comelistentoaprophetsvoice

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