Ya la mitad del camino?!

February 16, 2015

OKAY... for those non-Spanish speakers... the title of my email means...


That's right folks... this Tuesday I hit my HALF WAY MARK in my mission! I can't hardly even believe it! I feel like I just got here and now it's already half gone. They weren't lying when they said it goes quick! But, I am satisfied with what I have completed thus far and am super excited to see what the second half of my mission will bring :) Thank you to all of my wonderful family members, friends, branch leaders, mission leaders, and companions that have attributed to getting me to this point. I couldn't have done it without each and every one of you! And most importantly, I thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunity I have to serve Him. I have seen a miracle from the Lord every day of my mission. Christ's atonement never ceases to encompass every single feeling I have EVER had.

Well... ándale pues! (that was for YOU, Sister Adair ;))

Well, for starters, on Tuesday I got my new companion! Her name is Hermana Gogue (pronounced Go-Gwee) and she is from GUAM! She is fresh outta the MTC in Provo and I am her trainer! (Scary, right?) She is 20 years old and has lived in Guam the majority of her life but has also previously lived in Australia and California. She is completely the opposite of me and that is why I love her! Before her mission she just lived at home and was saving up money to come on a mission. She is super sweet and really wants to be here. Yes, she speaks English. That is her native language. So, she spent 6 weeks in the MTC to learn Spanish and now San Juan is her first area! I am super excited to be training her and we have already seen so many miracles this week :)

Okay, first things first! MIRIAM! She is our investigator that I believe I have written about in the past. Well, this week we were able to see her TWICE which almost never happens! So, we went over there on Wednesday night and taught Lesson 2 and set her on date for March 28th!!! At first she tried to tell us that she had already been baptized but I just re-explained the proper restored priesthood authority and she understood perfectly! She is SO prepared. The best part was that member that we had there with us was SO excited afterwards!! Even more than us! She couldn't believe the spirit that was in the lesson as Miriam accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was one of my favorite moments I've had in San Juan because I KNOW that she will be baptized on or before March 28th. I am so so so excited for Miriam and know that she truly is prepared by the Lord. THEN, on Friday night we went over and taught her Lesson 3 and explained baptism even more in depth and she basically was teaching US the lesson! Then afterwards, she came to the branch activity which was amazing!! She got to meet all of the members and loved it! Unfortunately she had to be in Grand Junction on Sunday and couldn't come to church, BUT, the member that was in the lesson with us set up a dinner/lesson for Friday night with her! So that was so great and I am SO excited to see one of our investigators actually get friend-shipped! It has made all the difference and my faith has grown so much this week. I know that I am in San Juan this transfer for several reasons and Miriam is one of them! :)

On Thursday we taught one of our investigators, Maribel. She has been struggling a lot recently and on Thursday she told us everything that has been going on in her life. Earlier in the lesson, we invited her to be baptized on April 4th and she said she really wanted to make that covenant but wouldn't be here anymore. So, we asked her why and got the whole story about how she is being forced to leave to Mexico to renew her "permiso" (which i'm guessing is a green card) and can only be here until the last week of March. It was a really long story, but she basically doesn't know when she has to leave, how long she will be gone, where she will be going within Mexico, and if she will ever be able to come back. Her son is a recovering drug addict and she has to be here to support him, but financially and legally isn't able to. On top of all of that, she has clinical depression and told us that she has even had thoughts of suicide. So, after listening to her for about 45 minutes, I suggested that we come by with the elders on Saturday and give her a priesthood blessing. She agreed and said she would really like that. Well, on Saturday the San Juan Elders and us went over and they were able to give her a blessing of comfort and counsel. It was a wonderful experience and she felt so much peace in her life. Coming on my mission I have become so much more aware of some of the lengths that these people have to go to the be in the United States. Many of them just want to make a better life for their children and families and know that the only way possible is to come to the States. I will be so sad to see Maribel leave and am so sad that we won't be able to continue to teach her, since she will be leaving to Mexico. But, it was just yet another faith building story that the Lord has a plan and that she WILL find the Gospel in Mexico and enter into the waters of baptism. A hard pill to swallow, but one that will continue to water my seed of faith.

​This week I am working especially on my patience and love; Th​e two things a new missionary needs <3 I have been so eager to train and am so grateful for the opportunity to serve with​ Sister Gogue. It has already been very challenging at times, but I know that I am learning so much as I am teaching her. I have to trust in the knowledge that I have and am teaching completely by the spirit as she begins to understand the language and adjust to missionary life. I feel so grateful to be in San Juan this transfer and especially to have this opportunity to grow. I am having to be super patient and loving in everything I do with Sister Gogue and that is exactly what I need to continue to improve and become more like Christ.

I love this gospel with all of my heart. Towards the end of last transfer I told the Lord to place me wherever He needed me and in a situation that would truly require me to rely completely on Him. Well, needless to say, my prayers have been far more diligent and fervent this week as I have truly had to poor my soul out in need of guidance. I am growing more than I ever have and know that I am being refined by the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve Him every day and to be an instrument in the hands of God. I LOVE MY MISSION so much and I know that Colorado is where I need to be!

 ​Until next week,​


Hermana Pierce​


PLOT TWIST...I'm Staying in Montrose...7.5 Months!

February 9, 2015


​Yes, you heard right, and trust me, I didn't see that one coming either! (This will make 7 1/2 months!) Especially since about 2 days before transfer calls we got word from President Murdock that I was "DEFINITELY"​ leaving. Well, needless to say, Saturday afternoon we get a call from Pres himself who says I will be STAYING in Montrose another transfer and... TRAINING a NEW MISSIONARY!!! As in a baby, as in a greenie, as in... I'M GOING TO BE A MOMMY! Estoy embarazada con una nina! :))) I'm seriously DEVASTATED to see Sister Adair leave after only 6 weeks with her, BUT, I know that the Lord has specific plans for each of us.

With Hermana Adair

When I heard news I was staying yet another 6 weeks (but probably 12 so I can finish training) I was so shaken up. I feel like I have poured my heart and soul into this area and don't know what more I can do. BUT, after receiving a priesthood blessing on Sunday, I KNOW that the Lord has prepared specific people for me to meet this transfer and to allow me to grow even more. It would have been easy to get transferred, BUT, because I'm staying, I will be forced to rely even more on the Lord over the next 6 weeks. I am so excited to train a new missionary and help her see how wonderful of an oppotunity it is to serve the Lord 24/7. I don't know who she will be yet, BUT, I will update you with all of the good details next week.
Clay figures an Elder in our district made of each of us!

Clay figure of Hermana Adair and me

I don't have too much else to fill you in on. I spent the majority of the week saying goodbyes (#awkward) and tying up loose ends. We did get to have quite a few super spiritual lessons this week and found 2 great new investigators! We will be tracting A LOT this transfer to rebuild up our teaching pool so GREAT AND DILIGENT work is ahead! I couldn't be more excited! :)

I hope this week treats you well wherever you may be! Remember that the church is true!

Hermana Pierce​

​La foto: Hermana Adair and I at Fiesta Guadalajara with some members on Saturday night. I am SO sad to see her go! I feel as if a part of me is leaving but I KNOW that the Lord has a plan! <3​