"I Really Shouldn't Be Held Accountable For Things I Say Before 9 AM..."

July 19, 2015

Well, the title quote comes directly from the mouth of my companion, Hermana Newell. I love her. We got the news this week that one of us will be getting transferred! Not sure which one, but we will find out this Saturday and transfers are next Tuesday! Another trasnfer, another companion! Asi es mi vida! haha.
So, not too much to update on this week!
Blanca is still progressing! On Tuesday after Zone Conference, President Murdock came to GWS and interviewed her for baptism. She passed the interview, but is not getting baptized yet. There is a really bad situation where she has to move into a room in her ex-boyfriend's apartment at the beginning of august. Well, it wouldn't be a problem, but the ex novio is A LOSER and is requiring that Blanca be his "partner" to live there... so that's not good. Therefore, we refuse to baptize her until she finds another room to rent because we don't want her to get baptized and then immediately turn around and break the law of chastity. But, we have been praying so diligently to find an apartment for her before August 1st! It's so difficult here in GWS because everything is so expensive and she has 2 children and can only pay $500 a month for rent! So PLEASE pray that we can find her an apartment so she can get baptized before transfers! Since Tuesday, we haven't been able to see her since she was working on the food for a wedding of a friend. But, she told us she has been reading the BOM on her own! She has never really taken it upon herself to do personal study so this was a HUGE step! We are praying for her to be baptized this Sunday!!! :)

Zone Conference on Tuesday was wonderful! We had some really amazing trainings given by President and Sister Murdock about FASTING. This is something I've struggled to gain a testimony of my whole life so i'm really excited to apply the principles taught.
I hope you all have a great week! Love you bunches!!!

Hermana Pierce

PIC: Unfortunately, this is the only pic I took this week, but how beautiful is this Glenwood Sunset!? <3



"It's the B-Word....BAPTISM!"

July 13, 2015
I hope you enjoy that wonderful quote from "The District" DVD's! I sure do :) Look it up... guaranteed a good time ;)

​Well... It's story time, everyone! Take a seat... you'll need it for this one!!!

(DISCLAIMER... This is extremely long... but definitely worth your time!)

At our first baptism!
Me with the Baptism Boy, Luis!
9 Miracles and ​counting...
On June 6th, 2015, Sister Tycksen and I decided to go and tract the Aubrurn Ridge apartment complex in Glenwood Springs, CO. It was a new complex that hadn't really been tracted by missionaries before and we were constantly being prompted to go and do some finding there. That morning, we received a call from our Zone Leaders who challenged us to specifically go out that day and find someone "super solid" and set them on date for baptism. Well, we took the challenge, prayed specifically for a miracle to find the ONE, and set out. When we arrived, we OYM'ed a woman named Mara, taught her a little about the Plan of Salvation, but alas, no baptismal date. As to not seem awkward and walk back to our car after talking with Mara, we proceeded to walk forward and knock on the first door we came to. After two knocks, a young 12 year old boy answers. I ask him in Spanish if his parents are home. He goes over and summons his mom and a woman comes to the door, talking on the phone. She pauses, takes one look at us and says "Pasale!!! Pasale!" (Come in, come in!) Without introduction, we pass and she urges us to sit. We were sitting for about a minute or so while the young boy (Luis) is just staring at us smiling. When the woman (Alma) gets off of the phone she just walks over to us, smiles and says "I'm a member of your church! I've been waiting for you to find me!" We were shocked. She introduced herself and they had just moved here from Mexico about 6 months prior. Apparently, she had been trying to get in contact with the church since they moved and hadn't been able to find it. She had been praying for the missionaries to come and find her since they moved. She has had two open heart surgeries and is in Colorado on medical terms. Her conversion story is so inspiring and she is the only member in her family. She had been praying for us to find them and said that she knew that we were led there that day.

Without delay, Alma asked us if we would be able to teach Luis so he could learn about the true church. Her husband is a very staunch Catholic and she wanted Luis to make the decision for himself if he wanted to be baptized, without any outside influences. Well, needless to say, we jumped on that opportunity and taught him the first lesson. We invited Luis to be baptized on July 11th and he accepted. Miracle #1 complete.

Well, we continued to teach Luis every week. The following Sunday, all 3 of them came to church, including the dad (Andres). We developed a deep relationship with the Perez/Romero family very quickly. I had an immediate love for this family and knew that Alma had been waiting for us to come and help her family become eternal. Luis received very quick answers to his prayers that this was the true church, however, every time we would ask him if he got an answer if he should be baptized, he said no. (Come on... answers about the Prophet, Joseph Smith, The Book Of Mormon, but not baptism?!) We continued to prepare him for a baptismal date of July 11th.

After about 4 weeks of learning, Luis had a STRONG testimony of the Restoration and was prepared for his baptismal interview. The Saturday before his baptism (July 4th), we reviewed the baptismal questions, and he agreed that he was prepared to have his interview the following day. Sunday came, Luis, Alma, and Andres came to church and Luis told me that he didn't feel prepared enough to have his interview. What had happened? After a long talk, I told Luis that he was ready and that if he had the interview and still didn't feel prepared, then we could push the date back. He had the interview with Elder Morales and passed with flying colors. Miracle #2. Elder Morales told me his concern was that he didn't feel like he would be able to come to church every week. E. Morales made him promise to come to church whenever he could, but said nonetheless, that he had an amazing testimony. After talking to E. Morales after the interview, we came to the conclusion that maybe Luis needed to attend church a few more times before he was baptized to feel more comfortable. However, when he left for the day, Luis was telling his mom that he was getting baptized! Miracle #3. To say the least, we were VERY confused! Sister Newell and I continued to pray for Luis to be baptized on July 11th.

On Wednesday of Baptism week (July 8th), we went to Luis' to talk to him about his baptism that Saturday. Unfortunately, he was in summer school and we could only meet with him mom. We had a wonderful lesson with Alma on faith and she really opened up to us. After about an hour, we were preparing to leave and I got the guts to ask Alma about Luis' baptism that Saturday. Playing a little dumb, I said, "So, what time works best for Luis' baptism this Saturday? 1 PM?" She responded with, "Oh, that's too early, how about later on in the evening?" "WHY OF COURSE!!!" Taking that as a yes, that Luis had told her that he was ready to be baptized this week, we set the baptism for 8 PM Saturday evening. Miracle #4.

A little uncertain if we should start planning a baptism without actually talking to the baptismal candidate about the day/time, we began to call members and set things in order for Saturday, the 11th. On Thursday evening (July 9th), Sister Newell and I were finally able to see Luis again to talk about the baptismal program. Feeling inspired to share 2 Nephi 31:17-18 before even introducing our purpose for being there, the spirit was strongly attending us. After reading the scripture and further explaining the purpose of baptism, I took another gutsy move. "Luis, we talked to your mom about your baptism being this Saturday, the 11th, at 8PM. Who would you like to baptize you?" Luis paused. I felt like I couldn't breathe. He then responded with, "Can Elder Morales do it?" SIGH OF RELIEF. We continued to make baptismal preparations for the next 25 minutes. By the time we finished, Luis had chosen the necessary persons for talks, prayers, songs, etc. Andres (his non-member father) was even chosen to give the closing prayer at the service. Although a little nervous and uncertain in this newly deemed duty, Andres said the closing prayer in our lesson that night (with a little help and instruction from Luis). Miracle #5.

Well, on Friday we started planning full swing. Being this both Sister Newell and I's first baptisms of our mission, we wanted to make sure Luis felt completely welcomed in to the Church of Jesus Christ. After a busy day of planning on Friday, around 8 PM we texted Alma and asked how they were doing that day. At about 8:45 we got a text back saying that they weren't doing well. Apparently, for the past 3 days Alma's blood pressure had been very low and she was planning on going to the hospital that night. Shocked and uncertain of what action to take, we called the Elders and had them meet us at Alma's house to give her a priesthood blessing. Sister Newell and I began praying immediately for Alma's health, knowing that if she was not healthy, we would have bigger problems than a delayed baptism.

Well, when we arrived at their apartment with the Elders, Alma looked terrible. She couldn't move and was in so much pain she could barely talk (a very unusual thing for her). Luis was at his aunt's house in Carbondale and Andres was caring for Alma diligently. The Elders gave Alma a blessing and we headed home with her promise to keep us informed on her health. I had no doubt in my mind that Alma would be healed in time for Luis' baptism the following day. I had asked specifically for Alma to be healed enough to come to the baptism. Later on that night after texting a little bit back and forth with Alma, she expressed to us that she was already feeling better and no longer needed to go to the hospital. Miracle #6. That night I prayed the hardest I have ever prayed in my life. I was literally pleading with the Lord to heal Alma enough for Luis to be baptized so their family could be eternal - but to let the Lord's will be done. I received an answer after many minutes of prayer and tears, that everything would work out and that I would sleep in peace. It was the Lord's will for Luis to be baptized on Saturday.

Saturday morning came- July 11th- BAPTISM DAY. I woke up feeling terrible that morning, having had dealt with some health problem of my own recently. About 10:30 we got a text from Alma saying things hadn't gotten much better and that she was still having bad symptoms and preparing to leave for the hospital. She was waiting for Andres to return from work and Luis was still in Carbondale with his Aunt. I continued to make phone calls, inviting ward and branch members to the baptism that evening. About an hour later, we had finished studies and Sister Newell and I had to make the decision... would we act in faith and continue preparing things for the baptism that day, or wait for a definite response? We decided that the Lord would want us to act in faith and continue to prepare for the baptism. We texted Alma and asked her when she would be leaving for the hospital. Before heading upstairs to make the refreshments for the service, we decided to say a companionship prayer for Alma. We specifically prayed, as always, that she would be healed in time for Luis' baptism that night at 8. Literally seconds after saying amen, our phone went off. We had received a text from Alma. She told us that she had started to feel better and was no longer going to the hospital. Miracle # 7. We continued to text with her and we rearranged the talks and prayers for the baptism that night. We made the baptismal program, refreshments, set up the church, and finalized our plans over the next 3 hours.

After dinner, we headed back to the church. Everything was perfect. Members were committed to be in attendance at 8 pm that night, the font was filled, and Alma was feeling decent. Luis and his parents were supposed to be arriving at the church at 7:15. 7:30 came and they were still not in sight. We texted Alma and she said they were almost at the church. About 10 minutes later, Alma, Luis, and Andres walked through the church doors with ear-to-ear grins smeared on their faces. Miracle #8. After changing into his baptismal suit and taking an uncanny amount of pictures, Luis was baptized. His parents and extended non-member family watched endearingly as he entered the water and descended the steps into the font. Elder Morales baptized Luis in one stroke. I will never forget the look on his face as he looked up for approval from his mom before heading into the restroom to change. Alma was crying, I was holding back tears, and the spirit was strong.

Every chair was filled, except three!
Luis, dressed in white and ready for his baptism 

 As Luis was changing, we proceeded to have the sum of about 50 members that were present at the baptism write their testimonies on note cards. I then choked out a seemingly impossible musical number and Sister Newell gave a beautiful talk on the Holy Ghost. It was one of the most stressful, nerve-racking, rewarding, amazing, but spiritual experiences of my life. There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord is in the details of our lives. He is waiting for us to come to him, ask, and then ACT. Luis was baptized on July 11th, and then confirmed on July 12th. Exactly 35 days after we met him. Miracle #9. I will never again doubt the power of prayer, fasting, and the great influence our FAITH has in the work of salvation.

The Perez/Romero family, Luis, Elder Morales and us before the baptism!

 I love this gospel. I know it is the only way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father. I love being a missionary. It is the hardest, most rewarding thing I have done in my whole life. Nothing compares to the immense JOY we feel while laboring in the Lord's vineyard. This is what it's all about.

Love, Hermana Pierce

Celebrations For Days!

July 6, 2015


So many miracles this week!

On Saturday, we went and taught Luis and went over all the baptismal questions! He is so ready to get baptized! Well, on Sunday, they came to church and Luis told me that he no longer felt prepared to be baptized and have his interview that day because he thought he might not be able to come to church EVERY Sunday. I assured him that it was our job to be STRIVING to come every Sunday and that the lord understands that things happen sometimes. He was hesitant, so I asked him if he would still have his interview anyways and then he would see that he really is prepared. Well, I talked to Elder Morales and set everything up. They had the interview after sacrament meeting and Luis passed with flying colors! E. Morales said he has SUCH a strong testimony and is so prepared. Luis expressed his concerns about being baptized this Saturday, the 11th and E. Morales told me to just be sensitive as we taught him this week and maybe just push the date back two weeks or so so he can come to church more. We will be teaching Luis tomorrow and will talk about the day he will be baptized. But, nonetheless, he still is SO ready to be baptized and has such a strong desire! We are still fasting and praying for a miracle so he can be baptized this Saturday! I really think he will be :) Then, unfortunately, Blanca couldn't come to church this Sunday because her boss wouldn't give it to her off. But, when we were leaving the church at 2 after the branch break the fast, Blanca called us. she doesn't normally get off work until 4 so i was confused. She said she had left work early because she thought that church started at 2. It touched my heart so much. She wanted to be there SO badly. We had her come to the church anyways and we had an amazing lesson on the law of chastity with a member from the branch.It was the PERFECT lesson and Blanca is so prepared to be baptized. She has such a strong testimony and we were able to talk a lot about the eternal perspective as we taught her about temples. The member that joined us had a similar life experience to Blanca that we didn't even know about. It was such an amazing miracle and although Blanca still needs to come to church twice, she said her boss gave her every other Sunday off from here on out. wow. such an answer to my prayers. I love her so much and can't wait for her to receive the blessings of baptism. She has been WAITING for this. July 19th will be one of the best days of my life <3

This is Jazi- She likes to balance random stuffed animals on her head--- so I did too ;)
HAHA. It just added to the greatness/weirdness of the 4th as a missionary! ​

July 4th was somewhat uneventful! Sister Newell and I just make rice krispies all morning and then delivered them to our investigators/less actives! We then went and taught an English class to Blanca. sSe is so wonderful and we love her so much :) For dinner, we went to this new less active member's house and had a great meal with them! Afterwards, we watched part of 18 Lives (an awesome musical about the Book Of Mormon that was made by the youth in the 5 surrounding stakes- love it- i've seen it about a million times and I'm sending a copy home!) :) It was a good night!! My year mark was also good! I had doctors appointments in the morning but that night our WML made me a steak dinner with baked potatoes and corn and homemade cookies :) It was amazing and made me think of BBQ's in Texas :) Thanks to my amazing family for an AWESOME package and cute cards to finish off a big day!

We visted with the Buchanans on the 4th of July!
I love serving as a missionary and have found so much solace in the atonement of Jesus Christ recently. I love this gospel more than anything. it is truly the most important thing to me!! Have a great week! thank you so much for all of your love, prayers and support! It means the WORLD to me!

Hermana Pierce


June 29, 2015

That's right folks... this week i hit my one year mark of being a missionary! Wow. so so so crazy. I can't believe i'm on the downward slope... I love serving and time just keeps getting faster.
One Year Today!
I don't have a ton of time to email today because we headed up to hike Hanging Lake today (so beautiful, as always!), but here is a quick review on the week!

This week, we got to see blanca several times and she is progressing SO well! We had a couple of awesome lessons with her and are starting the commandments this coming week. She is still on track to be baptized July 19th because... SHE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!!! :) It was amazing to have her sitting next to us. We had a branch activity after as a belated fathers day luncheon. We got to have a lesson with her about prophets in between the end of sacrament meeting and the beginning of the activity and she just kept saying how much sense it made to have a living prophet on the earth! Sister newell and I adore Blanca and know that this will bless her life so much. She is so prepared to hear the gospel. People at the branch on Sunday were asking her how she met the missionaries and she just said, "Well... I was walking home from work and these two random ladies just ran up to me and started talking to me! I told them i would only talk to them for a few seconds... and the rest is history!" Haha! I have never been so grateful to have opened my mouth with everyone we see. This will change her life forever. Please pray for Blanca that she can continue to get work off to come to church the next two weeks and make her baptismal date! It was SUCH a huge miracle that she got work off to come this week (she asked her boss twice and he said no twice- and then she got her schedule and she was scheduled to work the night shift instead of the morning! an exact answer to our prayer and fast--- such an amazing experience. I was jumping up and down when she told us!). Blanca was smiling ear to ear when she let the church to go to work yesterday :) .... and so were we!!! (we celebrated with a HUGE mid air high five! haha such losers.)


Hermana Newell and I with Jazi on the hike!

We also got to teach  Luis on Saturday (finally!) and he is so amazing. We had a great lesson about prophets and the word of wisdom and he is seriously the cutest! He said he still hasn't gotten an answer about being baptized on the 11th but we told him we are so proud of him for taking this so seriously! He totally will be baptized in two weeks- he told us he already knows its all true!! :)

That's all I have time for today! Sorry I didn't have time to write about some of our other miracles and funny stories! but I love serving, I love my companion, and I love this gospel!

Peace out from me and Hermana Newell!

Until next week!
Hermana Pierce :)

This is me- post waterfall! I went and ran thru it...
and then got rebuked by the park ranger-
but hey, it was worth it!!!
Ask for forgiveness, not permission, right? :) One love!



Untitled Post Because I'm Not Clever This Week

June 22, 2015

Hello One and ALL!

Well, this week on Tuesday I got my new baby, Hermana NEWELL! She is from Mapleton, Utah! She is 21 and is also a BYU cougar! (phew! --- #bleedblue) We get along GREAT and she is seriously a ROCKSTAR. It was an instant connection. We actually found a super cool connection that she was roommates with Kenzie Forsgren at BYU before the mish, so we bonded a lot over mutual friends and stories. I absolutely just adore her already. We have to stop ourselves from staying up late talking (haha!) AND, the best part is, she studied Spanish for 6 YEARS before her mission! Although, she was called to Brazil (same mission as Sister Tycksen) and was learning Portuguese in the MTC, I haven't had to teach her hardly anything, other than what it's like to serve in Colorado! She reminds me a lot of myself when I came out. She's a super confident person, but is so hard on herself, mostly about about her Spanish! I always tell her... TRUST your brain! You know the words, now you just need to practice speaking and you'll be set! She is so awesome and we are already teaching really well together! :) Please don't let her get her visa so we can stay together for a long time! haha. I love her so much!

Sister Newell

Okay... now onto the work this week!

Well, this week was tough. Satan took a hold of our investigators a LOT. Hardly any of them are progressing, but we did have an AMAZING lesson with a brand new investigator, John.

We OYM'ed him about 2-3 Weeks ago, Sister Tyksen set him on date and unfortunately we didn't get to see him after that. Well, we kept in contact with him and were pleasantly persistent. FINALLY, we were able to set up a time to meet with him and to give him a church tour and talk about the Book Of Mormon. We set it all up and had two members accompanying us for the lesson. The members picked him up for the church tour, we all met at the church, did the tour and the Book Of Mormon dialogue! It was AWESOME! John was SO receptive and SO excited to hear about the Book Of Mormon! He was eating it all up. We saw so many blessings from having the lesson in the church building after we did the tour. The Spirit was so strong and the members that joined for the lesson were really uplifted as well. It was a great night. Then, 2 days later, John attended the baptismal service of the Elders' investigator, Laurie, who got baptized. He loved it and is so excited to keep working towards his baptismal date in July. The Lord has been truly merciful to us as we've begun to teach John and to really fellowship him with the ward. They love him already and he is becoming more and more comfortable every time he comes to the church. Unfortunately, he didn't make it to church yesterday for some reason, but we KNOW he will be baptized! So exciting!

Hermana Adair returned to the mission to visit me!

We have also seen a lot of success and progress with our investigator Blanca this week. We were able to teach her twice in the church building. She loves meeting with us and is praying specifically for answers. She is so eager to accept change in her life and come to know of the truth for herself. Our lessons always take place in the chapel and she has mentioned to us several times that she loves learning there because she feels the spirit so strongly. We have seen so many miracles/blessings from having our lessons in the church building. There is something so powerful about teaching in the Lord's house. The lessons just go smoother and the investigators are more focused. We have really been trying to get better at having members attend our lessons and we had a little bit of improvement there this week!

On Friday morning we had train the trainers meeting in Grand Junction. It's essentially just a meeting for the new missionaries and their trainers put on by the Assistants to the President's. I've been to about 6 of them now so it gets a little old for me, but Sister Newell really enjoyed it, so that was good :) Afterwards, we went to eat at Cafe Rio in Junction! I was so dreading having to pay for the meal beforehand because my MSF money from the mission was super low. Well, needless to say, we were standing in line and a man and his daughter started talking with us. They were members of the church. We talked more and they bought us lunch! Haha. It was such a tender mercy and all I could think about was Steven on his mission "Dining in Faith." I had a good laugh to myself afterwards as I thanked Heavenly Father. Well, as the day went on, we got dropped by a couple investigators and were dying of heat and thirst. We both were out of water and had no choice but to go to the gas station and buy some. Well, of course, not wanting to pay again, we were standing in line behind a family. One of the guys was joking with us and saying he "really wished he knew the meaning of life." He asked if he could borrow my water bottle to ring it up, I hesitantly handed it to him, confused. I didn't realize until a couple minutes later that he payed for Sister Newell and I's water! He was also a member passing through GWS and we chatted for a moment as well. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but to me it was SUCH a huge tender mercy. Sister Newell and I thanked Heavenly Father for the awesome blessings we received in the midst of our afflictions that day.

Sister Killpack went home on the last transfer.
I served with her in my very first transfer.

Unfortunately, almost all of our investigators tried to drop us this week or just refused contact BUT, I know that the Lord is preparing something great for us! There truly is opposition in all things. I am really trying to focus on becoming more like Christ this transfer and become what HE needs of me. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others and turn outwards. It was INSANELY HOT yesterday, (101 Degrees of DRY heat- definitely NOT what I'm used to coming from TEXAS lol) so that was slightly miserable. The Summer is definitely here and we are really trying to focus on finding this week so we can be inside teaching by the time July comes! haha. Although it was a little bit of a rough start to the transfer, I know the Lord will bless us this week. This gospel is the greatest blessing of my whole life! I loved getting all of the videos from the Pierce family reunion this week! Just know that although I was missing seeing all of my family this week, there is no where else I would rather be. I love being a missionary, even in the hard moments! Make it a great week. One love!

Hermana Pierce


It's Not Just a Book...It's Other People's Testimonies!

June 15, 2015

Well... I wanted to start off by bearing my testimony about something that has been weighing on my heart so heavily this week...


I love this book. Period. Today, I finished reading it from front to back for the 6th time on my mission and I can't express the deep love I have for this book of scripture. The title of my email is a quote from one of the members here in Glenwood Springs. I love what she said... because it is true!!! The Book of Mormon is NOT just a book... It is real life experiences and testimonies about Jesus Christ. Before my mission I knew that the BOM was the word of God but I didn't have a lasting personal testimony of it. I can now say that I KNOW without a doubt that this book is TRUE. I have literally SEEN as I have read it day in and day out the difference in my relationship with my Heavenly Father. I can't imagine going a day without these teachings and this fullness of the Gospel. I am so very grateful for the infinite testimony I have gained about this gospel because I can physically see the difference it has made in my life and the lives of my family. I could never imagine having not served a mission. It is the happiest I have ever been in my whole life for one reason- I am LIVING what I believe. Every day. In every moment. I love the Book of Mormon because I learn what I lack every time I read it. I am able to read of the steps I need to take in order to become more like Christ. I am no where near perfect, but I KNOW I can be perfect at repenting. I know I can become perfect through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. This knowledge did not come by passively asking the Lord for an answer or reading for 10 minutes a day with lukewarm questions. It wasn't until I TRULY decided to read the Book Of Mormon (and not just once, I might add), and when I YEARNED for an answer, that I gained a knowledge of its truthfulness. It is no longer a belief. It is a knowledge. I invite every person that reads this to REGAIN a testimony of the Book of Mormon. Put in the effort; plead to the Lord to know of its divinity. I promise that you will receive an answer, and in turn, this will become the greatest blessing of your life and eternity.

Alright... well, now on with the week! Here is a quick recap!

We had an AMAZING lesson with our investigators Ismael and Laura. We did some service for them by helping them make dinner and then had the most SPIRITUAL lesson EVER! We talked and we able to decipher a lot of their concerns. They love the missionaries and are starting to FEEL of the spirit we bring into their home. Ismael is super closed off to religion but you can see the eye slightly opening and feel of the love that he is developing for the messages we share. We are reverting back to the basics with them, since we discovered they don't have a super huge testimony in God or Jesus Christ BUT, the time we shared with them this week was such a miracle and the spirit was SO strong. We bore such powerful testimony and Laura cried! I love them more than anything. They will be the most beautiful eternal family one day.


Our missionary district
Progressing Investigator
Luis Perez! He came to church this Sunday with his whole family! His mom is a member and his dad is not and they all came. We taught him twice this week and are beginning the commandments this coming week. He WILL make his date of July 11th! :) We are hoping to start teaching Andres (dad) this week so they can inherit the blessings of being a family sealed for all eternity!


Unfortunately, I had to say goodbye to my beautiful daughter, Sister Tycksen yesterday! She is flying to Brazil today! I felt so privileged to train her this transfer and know that she will be the most amazing missionary EVER! I absolutely adore the person she is and cannot wait to hear of the success she will have in South America. It was a tough break up, but I know that the people of Brazil need her more than I do!
Good-bye, Hermana Tycksen!

 As far as transfer news go, I will be training... AGAIN! Haha. This will be my 3rd baby and I am excited! She is another visa waiter for Brazil and I will be teaching her Spanish. I am especially excited to get to stay in Glenwood Springs for another transfer and will most likely get to stay another transfer after that! Woohoo! I love serving the people in GWS and the ward/branch is amazing. I only have 4 transfers left of my mission and I am absolutely CRYING! Ahh. Mssionary time just needs to SLOW DOWN!

Who is the first person that pops into your head that you want to share the gospel with? What is the name that comes to your mind? That is a prompting from the Holy Ghost. NOW GO DO IT. Pray, ask, then act. The Lord will always give you the opportunity to share your testimony of the blessings that come from living the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. And you would be SO surprised at which of your friends is just waiting to hear it.

​To finish up, here's something a tad bit funny... (since we all know I'm not.)

On Thursday evening, Sister Tycksen and I arrived at our dinner appointment about 10 minutes early. Naturally, we decided to take a quick 10 minute cat nap. No big deal, right? I woke up about 2 minutes into the nap (still exhausted) and realized I still had 8 more minutes to sleep. Well, I rolled over into the fetal position in the drivers seat and that was the end of that. About 35 minutes later, 5:25 PM, Sister Tycksen and I were awakened by the spirit to come to the knowledge that we had slept through our dinner appointment and were 25 minutes late!!! We roll over, look at each other, look at the clock and yell, RUN!!! Haha, we sprinted into to the dinner appointment and had a good laugh with the members about it. PHEW! Thank goodness they were pretty forgiving!! I am so grateful for the constant exhaustion I have on my mission. To me, it means that I (normally) am doing something right :)

I love this gospel with all of my heart. I am SO grateful to serve the Lord. It is the greatest blessing of my life! I will go, I will do!

Hermana Erica Pierce