November 3, 2014

Buenos tardes :)

This week was great! I don't have to much to update you on, but here is the low down!

Tuesday: We finally were able to teach! 3 lessons in 3 hours! It was wonderful and was a miracle directly from Heavenly Father as a result of our fasting.
Montrose North Zone

Wednesday: Zone Conference! It was amazing!!!! Seriously the most uplifting experience. President and Sister Murdock gave wonderful talks on Christ and sacrifice. It was such an edifying conference. AND, I got asked last minute to participate in a special music number! (literally- they were announcing the musical number when she asked me to join in) Haha. It was a spur of the moment and I hadn't even looked at the music but it went alright :) Sister Hall and I sang a duet of "I know that my Redeemer Lives."

Thursday: We had District Meeting and I gave a training on Diligence, Long-suffering, and Patience. I talked a lot about the Sons of Mosiah and showed a clip from the video "Missionary work and the atonement." (you can watch that on YouTube) It went GREAT. I LOVED preparing it. I absolutely love teaching and preparing lessons, I've realized! It has really become one of my favorite talents to develop! How appropriate considering I'm a missionary! It went great and afterwards our DL, Elder Rogers didn't even give his training because he "didn't want to follow that." Haha! It was so great and I know that the spirit was guiding me to say what the missionaries in our district needed to hear! That night we had Trunk-O-Treat and the Padilla family came! We gave them a church tour after and then had dinner with the Branch :) It was wonderful and so fun! 
Missionary Hallowe'en costumes

Friday: We finally found a new investigator! And a SUPER SOLID one at that! Her name is Lorena and she actually was at the trunkotreat the night before. We tracted into her (miracle/inspiration??? haha) and taught her all of lesson 1! She then said she would try and come to church next week and that she loved listening to us! 

​Saturday: We went to contact a referral and found a Less Active named Juan! ! He was baptized by sisters in 2002 and had marriage problems and fell away from the church. He was so excited to meet us and  ​said he would come to church next week! He is absolutely HILARIOUS and said that "when we cut ourselves we bleed the same blood as he does" (Mexican blood). HAHA. It was hilarious and definitely brightened our day :) 

Sunday: Yesterday was great. We had an amazing fast and testimony meeting. I bore my testimony about FAITH and shared the scripture 2 Nephi 26:13. It was amazing how guided my words were. The gift of tongues is SO real. I couldn't believe what I was saying during half of it but knew that the Lord was using me as His servant to help one of His children. It was a wonderful Sunday and definitely recharged me for the week!!

Well, that's about it! Sorry I didn't have any good stories this week! Another semi-slow week but I know that the Lord is giving us a time of trial so we can WORK for eternal salvation. I love the opportunity I have to serve and can't believe I've already completed 4 months of my mission! It is crazy that I am finishing my 3rd transfer in just 2 weeks! Sister Noakes will most likely be leaving and I will be getting a new companion! Sad but exciting! EEEK! :)

I love you all! 

Hermana Pierce

​PS: Today I dyed my hair.... because, why not? :)​

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