Overcoming the Adversary

May 18, 2015

Hello all! Another GREAT WEEK here in GWS! Sister Tycksen and I are working really hard and having so much fun together! So...here we go!
Update on Annie and Ivan! They are progressing SO well! We were able to have some amazing lessons with them this week! We have taught them all the way to the Word of Wisdom and they have been reading in the BOM and praying. They know everything we teach them is true! On Saturday, we had a scare when Ivan texted us and felt like he was going too fast and needed to slow down. He tried to cancel our appointment so we texted the whole district and had all of them pray that he would allow us to teach him that night and that he would come to church the next day. We all prayed and stopped by Ivan's for the lesson. We were able to have a great talk with him and Annie and resolved all of his concerns. Satan was trying to over-power him so much but we just explained these temptations and taught him the lesson we had planned. He soaked it all up, as normal, and felt so grateful after! He committed to live the Word of Wisdom and then he and Annie came to all 3 hours of church yesterday! They loved it and Annie enjoyed primary! We went over last night to teach them and unfortunately Ivan wasn't feeling well so he didn't join us for the lesson. BUT, we taught Annie the law of chastity, tithing and fasting since she will be gone 3 days this week. She understood everything SO clearly and was just amazing. She is so excited for her baptism! The other day she said, "Am I allowed to invite my friends to my baptism, even tho they aren't members?" We told her yes and then she said, "Good... Because I already did! :)"

A huge miracle this week was that yesterday, we tracted into a man named Carlos and his family! We did the survey and taught him the first lesson. (His wife was caring for their baby.) After we finished reciting the first vision, the spirit was so strong and he just said, "WOW." It was amazing and he accepted a baptismal date of June 20th. We have a return appointment for the whole family on Tuesday! :)
Looking through some old pictures...

Another random and amazing miracle this week was on Tuesday. We were moving that whole day so, we knew we wouldn't really have much time to proselyte. We had to go and take our car into the shop that morning and a man was able to give us a ride back to our apartment. Well, while we were driving home, we struck up a conversation with him about the gospel! He said he had just recently moved to Glenwood and was looking for a church. We of course, recommended our own and found out he had been taught by missionaries a couple years ago! We invited him to come to church Sunday and yesterday, HE CAME! It was so great! Unfortunately, he's not a new investigator yet because we didn't get a return appointment to teach him yet, but he should be this week! God knew we wouldn't have time to proselyte on Tuesday so he gave us an amazing miracle!
We are giving EVERYTHING we have to Ivan and Annie this week and next so they can be baptized on the 30th. SO, we are meeting with them every day and praying and fasting so hard for their baptism! We KNOW they will be baptized! Please pray for both of them to continue to prepare and to be able to overcome Satan's temptations!
I LOVE MY MISSION! Miracles are being brought forth by the Lord! Have a great week and remember, THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!
Hermana Pierce

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