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July 27, 2015

Well hello to all of the new additions from GLENWOOD SPRINGS to my weekly email list :) This one's been CRAZY!! Get ready!

Beautiful Glenwood Springs Canyon
So this past week, Sister Newell and I were completely anticipating that she would be staying in Glenwood Springs and I would probably be getting transferred (because of health reasons). As of last Tuesday at Zone Conference, we hadn't heard anything about her visa so she was expecting another transfer here. Well, this Tuesday came around and we got a call from the mission office that Sister Newell had received her VISA! It was a COMPLETE shock and we didn't expect it AT ALL! So, we were on the phone with president that night when we found out she had to be in Denver by Monday. President told us that GWS would be getting white washed and that I would be coming to DENVER to serve in the Denver 1st Spanish WARD! (there are 8 missionaries that serve in this ward - 4 elders 4 sisters - EIGHT! It covers all of Denver and it's like little Mexico! (Haha! Talk about immersion--- no more english!). I was a little shocked because I am also going to be white-washing Denver (all 4 of the sisters serving in this ward either went home for medical, got their visa, or are finishing their mission). So that was definitely some big news! I figured I might be going to Denver since President and I had talked about it before, but I was not expecting to have to white-wash Denver OR to have our area in Glenwood Springs get white-washed! SO, we immediately started making the preparations to leave our area.

Good-bye to my Glenwood Springs District!

Good-bye to Hermana Newell

We spent all of Thursday-Saturday getting the area ready, talking with investigators and members, prepping our area book, packing, and cleaning! It was a lot of work! I had to do the same thing when Sister Gogue and I left Montrose but we had about 3 weeks to prepare! Two days was a little tougher. So that's what we spent the week doing. But, we were actually able to teach a decent number of lessons this week. We FINALLY got in contact with Blanca on Saturday. She was SO sad when we told her we were leaving. I gave her the Mark Mabry print of Christ and we told her how much we loved her and how much God loved her. She kind of lost it and began to cry. I felt so badly because it breaks my heart to leave her, but I just have to trust that the Lord will take care of her.

Blanca & Leandro
On Saturday night, we said a few goodbyes, but the goodbyes this time around were a little rushed since we had to leave Sunday afternoon to drive to Denver. I was sad I didn't get to say goodbye to more of the wonderful people I love in Glenwood, but it was actually a little easier that way. I am so so sad to have to leave Glenwood, but I know the Lord has a purpose for me being in Denver. I am excited to experience the Metro side of our mission, but it will most definitely be a change! I have served on the western slope for my whole mission and now this will most likely be my last area! It's been a little weird, and it still doesn't feel real. But, I suppose when Sister Newell leaves for Brazil tomorrow and I get my new companion and my area assignment (Denver North or South), that will change.

Goodbyes! to Emily Page
Making Pozole with Presidente Vigil
Andres, Alma & Luis
Ismael & Laura
The Greathouses...my mission grandparents!
We got into Denver late last night (Sunday) so we are staying in the mission home until Tuesday morning. Today has been such a relaxing preparation day just hanging out in the mission home since we already prepped everything before we left GWS. AND... the best part of being in Denver so far is... CHIPOTLE.

[I hope you enjoy the attached picture of my reunitation (new word i just invented because who speaks real english??) with the greatest restaurant of all time after a full YEAR away from it. I was crying tears of joy.]
Well, that's about all I have to update on this week! It was such a bummer leaving GWS so quickly, but I am excited to see what else the Lord has in store! Only time will tell! I will meet my new companion and receive my area tomorrow at transfer meeting! (Noticia! I'm not training this transfer! wohoo hahaha a small break :)) Thank you to all of my wonderful Glenwood Springs members that made my time in the Valley one to remember. I am so grateful for your constant outpouring of love. XOXO!!!

My favorite photo from my whole mission...Glenwood Springs!
Have a great week, ya'll!!!

Hermana Pierce

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