November 23, 2015

Well... This was a crazy week!

To begin, Juaquin was not baptized yesterday :'( It was a SUPER tough day and a roller coaster to say the least. Since we had our first snow storm this past Monday, Juaquin was up in the mountains ALL WEEK quitando nieve (can't remember how to say that in english... taking away snow? Shoveling snow?) therefore, we did not get to teach him ONE TIME. It was so frustrating because he was so prepared but has to work to send money to his daughter in Mexico.

On Saturday, I was on exchanges in the Sand Creek YSA ward with Sister Allison (which was a blast! SOOO many miracles!), which ended up being a great thing because I was so worried Juaquin wouldn't make it back for his baptism in time. He didn't have great cell service so it was even harder to be in contact.

Then, when I got back to the area on Saturday night, we got a call from Alberto, Juaquin's fellow-shipper. It was after our quiet time so we weren't supposed to answer, but the spirit just told me that we needed to talk to him. Alberto told us that Juaquin, earlier in the day while he was visiting him, had a heart attack and was currently in the hospital. Right away Sister Moody and I started a fast, something I haven't done in months because of my health. But, I prayed SO hard for the Lord to help me through it.
Sunday, Juaquin didn't come to church. We went over to his house after church to visit him and he wasn't there. Long story short, we found out that he was working... The DAY AFTER having a heart attack! It was crazy, insane and when we finally got a hold of him 2 hours before his baptism, he said he was still working and wasn't ready to be baptized. It was such an upsetting day and very hard for me, but I am finding light in the Lord's timing and plan. I know Juaquin will be baptized soon, Satan just happened to get a deep hold on this situation this week.

We had a ward Thanksgiving party this week. SO fun! :)
I love this mission more than anything. A week before coming home, the Lord is STILL testing my faith. And it is more firm than ever.

Con amor,
Hermana Pierce
This is Laura Vaughn! One of my fave people ever!


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