It's Time.

Wow. I absolutely cannot believe that my seven month waiting period is finally completed! I feel like every decision I have made in my life has accumulated to this moment and I couldn't feel more prepared. Although I am nervous about my Spanish and about being placed in the advanced/native speaking class at the MTC... I know that I will be blessed and that the Lord will guide my thoughts and words. As I complete some last minute preparations today, I can't help but think about all of the people that have led me to this point. I am in awe at the love and continual support I have felt from my family, ward, and other friends. I can't believe that for the next year and a half I will be serving as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As a young girl I dreamed about serving a mission, but never imagined it becoming a reality. It is now safe to say that this is getting EXTREMELY real. I don't know what the next year and a half will hold... I am super nervous, excited, anxious and about every other emotion, BUT, what I do know is that my Savior loves me. He is well pleased with my decision to serve a mission. Although it will be hard and there will be days where all I want to do is give up... I know He will be there to push me through. I know that He is my brother and that my Heavenly Father loves His children and wants the absolute best for them. I know that this journey over the next 18 months will teach me things and show me things I could have never imagined. I know that I will miss my family... but I also know that it is the sacrifices we make that allow greater things to come to pass. So, everyone... wherever you may be... THIS IS IT. I am ready. I am worthy. I am prepared. And I couldn't be more excited.

Until next week...

Hermana Pierce

MTC Mailing address:

Hermana Erica Pierce
2023 N 900 E Unit 861
Provo, UT 84602

Mission home address (after July 14):
999 E Tufts Avenue
Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113

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  1. I love you Erica...got the address written down for your weekly package...you will feel my love on a weekly basis...fuzzy peaches and all..let me know if there is anything I can ADD to your weekly box...before you know it you will be home...but is that what we really want...enjoy your mission and spreading the word of JESUS CHRIST...I love you!!