To Craig and Denver and Back to Steamboat!

August 18, 2014

Wow! I have little to no time to update today because it is Zone P-Day and we are traveling all the way to Craig!! I also forgot my journal that has everything about my week so I will try and remember the best I can!!! :)

Tuesday we were able to have dinner with the Elliott's (Nikki's parents). They took us to the Mambo Italiano and it was AWESOME! (I had Spaghetti of course;)) It was so great to see a familiar face!

After dinner, we headed off for Craig to exchange. I was in Craig from Tuesday until Friday. It was great and I love Sister White! They have 4 people on date there so it was cool to see people that have such strong testimonies of the gospel!!! On Friday we stayed in Craig to do weekly planning and then drove back to Steamboat. We taught an awesome lesson to Yesenia and she said she would pray to know if Joseph Smith was a prophet and her daughter Keyla said that if she received the prompting from Heavenly Father that she needed to be baptized, she would!! It was awesome!!! She has such a strong testimony of Jospeh Smith and the restoration.
Sister White and I on exchanges in Craig

On Saturday, President Murdock asked us to come to Denver. Sister Dotto was struggling also and so I called Sister Murdock and they wanted to see us. Sooo Saturday afternoon we headed down to Denver and spent the night in the mission home. It was fun to see them and take a little break from the stresses of Steamboat. On Sunday morning we went to Centennial Ward and it reminded me so much of home! Then we traveled back to Steamboat and had an awesome dinner with our Ward mission leader's wife, Sister Sandelin. She is awesome!!!!

We were able to drive by the temple when we visited Denver
That's pretty much the gist of my week! I'm sorry I don't have a lot of time to write and I don't have much to update on... BUT... next week is transfers! Based on my interview with president, I think I am getting transferred out of Steamboat. With that being said, here is some information on mailing... It's a little tricky.

I am getting transferred next week so if you are going to send something, send it to the mission office (999 E Tufts Ave, Cherry Hills Village, CO 80113) just in case. And make sure to send it through USPS. ONLY USPS. If not, I won't get it until I go to the mission office next which... could be never. lol. If you send something this week through UPS or FEDEX and it will get here BEFORE Saturday... Send it to 38625 Rolling Hills Lane Steamboat Springs CO 80477. BUT only to that address if it is through UPS or Fed EX and ONLY if it is going to get here before I get transferred on Saturday. If not, I wont get it. Sorry, it's super weird here with mail. BUT if you send something to the mission office, or to my PO Box address, it HAS TO BE THROUGH USPS. Also, don't send anything to my PO BOX address if it will get here past saturday. To be safe, just send everything through USPS to the mission office and they will forward it to me!

I know this is all over the place, but thank you so much for the kind love and support! You have no idea how much it means to me! The love and prayers I have felt this week are UNREAL! Also, thanks to Lindsay Cline and Rani Parkinson for the awesome package this week! It was so unexpected and AMAZING!! :) So thank you!!!

I love you all! The church is SO TRUE!!
Hermana Pierce

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