The Weeks Are Flying By...First Transfer Soon!

August 11, 2014

Well ,the weeks are continuing to fly by! I can't believe I am in the second to last week of my first transfer! WOW where has the time gone?!
Sister White and I on exchanges in Craig, CO

This week I don't have too much to update on because the work in Steamboat is at a little of a standstill, BUT we are working as hard as we can! Tuesday I had another exchange with Hermana White in Steamboat and it was great! It was great to feel as though I could really do this! She goes home in December and is great. She goes to BYU and I love her! We will be having 1 exchange per week because Hna. Dotto is Sister Training Leader and has to go visit other sisters. This week I will be in Craig from Tuesday night until Friday morning! CRAZY huh? But I like exchanges because it's nice to visit other sisters and get other viewpoints and learn new things from them!
The Sisters in the Meeker North and South districts

Thursday morning we had district meeting and Sis Dotto and I went grocery shopping in Craig because its cheaper. It is SO expensive here and they give us the same amount of money as everyone else.

On Friday we had to go the the Burke's house so Hna. Dotto could work on her BYU application and get some transcripts sorted out... long story short.... THANK YOU DAD for my allergy to CATS! They have THREE cats and I literally thought I was going to die. Haha. It was terrible! So for the last hour I had to sit outside because I didn't have any allergy medicine. So we are back at their house emailing today and I now have purchased a Zyrteck (spelling lol) and am doing better with the cats. haha.

Eating repollo (cabbage soup) with a corn tortilla and lime squeezed on it. YUM!

Saturday was interesting because both Sister Dotto and I weren't feeling very well so we spent a lot of time at home doing weekly planning and resting. It's been a super stressful time here and I have been struggling with my emotions. BUT I know that the work is hastening and the Lord is mindful of me at this time.

Sundays are AWESOME. I love church so much. It's such a nice escape to just sit and listen (although Hna. Dotto would say the opposite because she translates the whole time haha). BUT, we had a great sacrament meeting. None of our investigators came, but we have faith in the future! They will at some point be able to realize that this will be the greatest blessing in their life! One of the talks in Sacrament was on adversity and she said, "Adversity does NOT have to be coupled with discouragement or despair." God will SHOW unto us our weaknesses, so they can be made STRONG. We are being SHOWN our weaknesses. She emphasized that a lot and I love it. Everyone has adversity, and we are visibly able to see that a lot of the times. BUT, it is through our Savior we can overcome it. I love that :)
I literally cried while eating a chip with hot, hot, hot sauce on it!

Every Sunnday after church we go over to the Ward Mission Leader's house and the missionaries make waffles, eggs and bacon for the members. We never know how many we will get but it is always fun. It's a great way to interact with the ward... You should start it down in Texas, mom and dad!!! It's been SO fun! Sometimes we cook for 30 people!

Well, so sorry I don't have more exciting things to update you on... but just remember that this is the true church! I am so grateful for the love and support of my family and friends!!! Thanks for all of the emails from the gang in Texas this week! I loved it!!! Until next week!!!

Hermana Pierce

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