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October 20, 2014

Hola mis amigos y familia :)
This week was great! Not suuuuper eventful, BUT Sister Noakes and I are leading the zone! Woohoo! We had a solid week across the boards! 

So Preparation day break-down.... we wake up, get things done around the house (cleaning, laundry, etc) and then go grocery shopping. After we finish all that we normally wash the car and then go to email around 1. If we have time left over before we have to start proselyting, we do something fun! This past week we went bowling (my bowling league days did me good... I bowled a 135!) and today we are having a PHOTO SHOOT!! Woohoo! It will be so fun! A lady in the stake, Sister Evenson, is taking them :) She is like our mom here! She's the one who always posts pictures of me on FB! So she is a photographer and is doing a "fall shoot" of sister noakes and I today :) 
Bowling on P-day!

As far as teaching went this week... 
We had two lessons this week with Blanca. The first went HORRIBLY. She was doubting EVERYTHING and started asking us deeeeep doctrine questions and just blahhhh. Then, our lesson with her thursday was AWESOME. A member of our branch, Hno. Munguia, came and he basically just told her how it is. She started saying how she doesn't believe anything about the BOM and Hno Munguia just goes, "well, have you even read it?!" (She hasn't.) Haha. It was so awesome because as missionaries, it's a tough position for us. We try to be firm, but we have to love first. So it was so great and we were able to resolve a ton of her doubts. THEN, SHE CAME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY! WOOOHOOO. It was the best ever. We had stake conference and Elder Bednar and Richard G. Scott spoke. (broadcast) It was amazing. Centered completely on prayer.... Afterwards Blanca told us that it helped her so much! Sooo that was awesome. 
Apple picking for a service activity

Then, on Saturday, we were in Olathe (15 min from Montrose). It's about 60% hispanic. So we could not teach ANYONE. No one was there, the elders accidentally contacted TWO of our referrals already (#awkward) so we decided to swing by one of our new investigator's houses (Benito) real quick to just see if he was home. We had a great 1st lesson with him but then nothing after that. So before we get out of the car, we say a prayer and I ask SPECIFICALLY for us to find ONE person that is completely prepared to receive our message and that wants to change their life and come unto Christ. Well... we knock on Benito's door and.... he doesn't answer. BUT, his son, Rene, does answer! We do the survey with him, and he allows us to teach him the first lesson. It was AMAZING. He is soooo prepared and was so eager for us to teach him more. I walked away completely speechless of how my prayer had been specifically answered. The power of prayer is undeniable. 
Relief Society activity

Last night we did a fireside for the Spring Creek Ward. Bishop Tobler (who we live with) asked us to participate in a missionary panel for the youth. They asked us all types of questions and we were able to give them some advice on what to do during high school to prepare to share the gospel and how they can get past the awkwardness of opening their mouth. I LOVED talking with them and was able to relate really well. Sharing your testimony is the #1 way to strengthen your testimony. I loved it and it was suuuper spiritual. I know for a FACT that I am exactly where God wants me at this time, I love this work and especially this area. The people here are amazing! Sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky... and then I remember it is because I CHOOSE every day to follow Jesus Christ. This gospel has changed my life forever. I know that for a FACT.

Hermana Pierce

Funny things from this week:

On Thursday we were eating lunch at Sonic (it's free for missionaries here). Elder Rogers was sitting two tables over and asked me to get him some ketchup. So I did, and proceed to chuck it over his way. WELL, unintentionally, it hits him DIRECTLY in the side of the face.... right on the temple. HAHA. It was hilarious. He had a huge red mark when I went over to apologize and explain that I couldn't have done that again if I tried. 

PPS: TODAY, I cut the leg off of a deer! Bishop Tobler shot it on Friday and I got to help cut off the meat today :) So that was pretty cool!

Until next week, ya'll!!

Hermana Pierce

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