"Christmas must not be an annual event, but the PATTERN for our daily lives."

December 8, 2014

I hope everyone had a great week and enjoyed the #LDSChristmasDevotional as much as I did. The title of this email is a quote from Elder D. Todd Christopherson, which was my favorite talk from last night. IF you didn't get a chance to see it, go check it out! :)

So this week we found 8 new investigators! It was awesome to hit that goal two weeks in a row! Unfortunately, the two most SOLID investigators EVER moved to mexico for four months (it's a common thing here lol) so that was a major bummer, BUT... the work is hastening!

Tuesday was exchanges! Sister Gregerson came to San Juan and we partied it up. It was fun and I love her so much! She is an English sister so I was teaching all on my own in Spanish, but it was cool to see that I actually do know this language and that the GIFT OF TONGUES is real.

Wednesday we had Sister's conference, which was awesome! I got asked to sing again (I've sang a special musical number EVERY SINGLE TRANSFER so far... why do people suddenly think I can sing??) and it actually went pretty well. Sister Gregerson and I arranged this awesome version of Joseph Smith's first prayer and Come to Zion! So that was fun! Then, later on that day we went to do some finding and found a FAMILY! It was such a miracle! It is so crazy how the Lord's timing works. Just when you least expect it, he provides you with yet an even greater blessing.
Singing at Zone Conference
Thursday we had district meeting and then that evening had dinner and a lesson with a member referral from our branch president's wife! That was cool and went pretty well and we are teaching them again tonight! We hardly ever get member referral's here so we take advantage of it when we do!

Friday evening we had weekly planning and then in the evening went to the Delta Christmas parade! The Delta Ward set up a whole "He is the Gift" booth at the end of it and also had a FLOAT! Sister Flores' and my jobs was to go and talk to people during the parade and hand out pass along cards. So, we go to the other end of the parade where the start was and started handing them out. We get half way down main (about 11 blocks) and realize we are about to run out of pass along cards.... SO, we SPRINT back to the base where they were stocking them, grab more, and sprint the other 6 blocks back to keep handing them out. It was good fun and the people were SUPER receptive and loved the float. We also got a potential FAMILY out of it so that was awesome too :)
Delta Parade

On Saturday, our branch mission leader's wife had her BABY! It was so exciting to go and visit them in the hospital! He is precious and I just adore their family to death. So we went and visited her for a bit and then headed to the Montrose parade. We brought the float up there and did the same thing for this one expect it was all missionaries at the float so we actually walked the parade! The whole town comes out for it so that was cool. But, the Montrose parade wasn't as successful as delta and we didn't really get to talk to anyone. BUT, still a good time nonetheless :)

All the missionaries at the Montrose Parade
Yesterday we had a great day at church and in the evening got to watch the Christmas Devotional, which I loved. We even got to make some Christmas Cookies with the Evensen's, one of my favorite stake families :)
Cookies at the Evensens

That about wraps up the week! We have interviews with president tomorrow morning and then a double zone Christmas lunch, which I'm really excited for! (I got asked to sing in a trio... wish me luck on the high notes of Silent Night..... yikes.) I love you all and know this is the true gospel. Go DISCOVER the truth for yourself and then SHARE the gift.

With Hermana Flores at the "He Is The Gift" float in Montrose.


Hermana Pierce

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