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December 1, 2014

Hello one and all and HAPPY DECEMBER! I literally can't even believe as of tomorrow that I am 1/3 done with my mission. Exactly 1 year left until I come home... now THAT is crazy! See ya in 12, Texas ;) 
Black Canyon
Pictures don't do it justice

This week was great! I don't have too much to update as far as investigators go because basically none of them are progressing right now, BUT, we did a LOT of finding this week! 8 New Investigators! Woooohooo! Most of it stemmed from the #HeIsTheGift initiative. If you haven't seen the video yet... go check out christmas.mormon.org (mormon.org/spa/navidad if you're watching in Spanish).  Ready.... GO! Okay, so you watched it? Wasn't it amazing!? Yeah, I think so too! That's why I'm pretty sure I've seen it about 328429301643 times! And it gets better every time!!! I am so passionate about it and know that it is such a blessing for each of us to have the opportunity to remember our Savior during this Holiday season! I love this gospel with all of my heart and know that we will be so blessed by living the commandments of the Lord. 

In other news, last night we had quite the experience. We went to go and teach the Padilla family and let's just say that it didn't end well... This family was my pride and joy. I LOVE them. Well... last night we decided to bring the Elders with us to the lesson to maybe get through to them in a new way. We spent 2 hours preparing the lesson and had a recipe for success. Well...unfortunately,  it wasn't so successful. Marta (the mom) went off on us for about 20 minutes about how she didn't like how we were trying to get her to change her religion, etc etc etc. It was really sad and a complete curve ball. Needless to say, we won't be visiting them anymore :( I had a good cry and moment of self pity, and then moved on. I know that this is the true restored gospel and I love sharing it with everyone. It is often times a lot harder when they KNOW it is true, but won't act on it. However, I have so much faith in this area and in the Lord and KNOW that He will deliver the prepared unto us. 
Me and Hermana Flores

On a happier note... We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Carolina ended up having to work so she couldn't come with us... BUT, we still had a great day :) We went over to the Osorio's house to help them cook for 2 hours, then went to the Burr's for our actual meal, did about another hour of dishes after, (yes, Dad, I DID THE THANKSGIVING DISHES! It was wonderful... I have developed a new passion for washing dishes on my mission!) and then went to the Evensen's and decorated their Christmas Tree for 2 hours! It was a FABULOUS day filled with love, gratitude, and food :) I thought I would be super homesick, but I actually really enjoyed the whole day. I love Sister Flores and we had a great day with all  of the members. I truly have such a great love for this area and can't imagine ever saying bye to all of the wonderful people here. 
Sister Burr and I after the Thanksgiving meal at her house

I am so happy serving the Lord and know that although this work is HARD, it is where I need to be. I hope you all have a wonderful week! Don't forget to check our christmas.mormon.org and #ShareTheGIFT! :)

Hermana Pierce

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