Transfer 5

January 5, 2015

That's right folks... I'm already started my 6th month and 5th transfer here in the great state of Colorado. And let me tell you... time is FLYING by. I can't believe I only have 11 months left in my mission! I feel so blessed to serve the Lord at this time in my life.


This was a great week! To start off, transfers were supposed to be TUESDAY but because of terrible weather conditions got moved to THURSDAY. Which meant that Sister Flores and I got to spend New Years Eve together! We were really excited and spent the day doing service at the thrift shop and then had coordination meeting. We had to be in by 6 that night so after saying some final goodbyes we headed back to good ole' Dover Road and turned in. She spent the evening packing and I played with the Tobler grandchildren and was in bed by 10. It was a wonderful way to reign in 2015! :)

Popped into the Stake dance
​Thursday was TRANSFERS!!! Transfer Meeting started at 11:45 so we headed to Grand Junction and enjoyed saying some final goodbyes to some missionaries I absolutely ADORE that are getting moved for their last transfer. So... here is the news! Sister Flores went to DENVER for her last transfer and is serving in the Spanish WARD there. It is her greenie area and I know how badly she wanted to go back and tie up loose ends so I was so excited for her. She will be amazing over there and will really enjoy her last two transfers. I feel so privileged to have gotten to spend at least 1 transfer with her! After the out west transfer train left... the other missionaries arrived and my new companion is... drum roll please... HERMANA ADAIR! :) She is DARLING and I absolutely LOVE her. She is 20 and went to SUU before her mission. [However, she is converting over to the BLUE COUGAR side post-mish so that will be awesome :)]. She has 3 transfers left [just like every single one of my companions thus far--- I think I'm cursed haha] so we are thinking she may die in Montrose! Unfortunately, she has pneumonia right now :(( so we weren't able to go out and do too much work this week because she is still recovering from that and I am still recovering from my cold as well. BUT, that did leave us with a lot of opportunities to talk and get to know each other and we get along greatl! We talked a lot about our families and backgrounds and she is SUCH a strong, amazing person and definitely has such a beautiful testimony. I just absolutely love, love, love her already. I really hope we get to stay together for more than one transfer!
My new companion, Hermana Adair
Miracle of the week: MIRIAM.
She was a referral that sister Flores and I contacted on Monday and she is amazing! We taught her about the Restoration and she understood everything so clearly and loved our message. We asked her if she came to know that these things were true if she would be baptized and she said "YES, OF COURSE!" Our teaching pool is basically in a puddle right now so it was so great to finally find someone that has a strong desire to know of the truth! We have another appointment with her tomorrow so I will keep you updated! :)

Like I said, Hermana Adair and I basically spent the whole weekend just recovering and getting healthy again so I don't have anything else to update on!

I hope you enjoyed your holiday break and that the new year treats you well! Take advantage of this new start and remember of the greatest gift that has been given to us--- Jesus Christ. Read more about his mission and how we can live with our families for eternity at mormon.org :)

I love you and most of all...


Hermana Pierce

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