Snow is Still Kinda Fun... Even If You're a Missionary

A Texas girl in the snow!
February 23, 2015

So, you heard it right, we got over 2 feet of snow yesterday! It was absolutely crazy out of no where but it's made missionary work a little bit more interesting :) Let me tell ya about it!

This week on Tuesday I was on exchange with Sister Christensen. She's super fun and I like her a lot :) We had a good day and in the evening taught an amazing lessons to a potential, Maria. We invited her to be baptized and she said yes! We are working on setting up a date for her.
With Sister Christensen on exchanges 

Then, on Wednesday and Thursday we just tracted and contacted a lot. It felt really good to get back out and talk with people again! And Sister Gogue is improving dramatically! She is starting to feel a lot more comfortable now and is starting to speak even more in Spanish. On Thursday we were fasting for a LA/RC convert family and we broke the fast with the mom over dinner. They are improving dramatically and are one of the reason's I feel I have been called to stay in Montrose so long. Alejandro, the dad, was baptized about 4 months ago and is going through some of the temptations of a new convert. I love this gospel and know that we saw so many miracles from that fast.

Elder Baker as King Benjamin in our Primary lesson for the children
On Friday, we saw a miracle with our less active, ALLEN! He has never opened up to us before BUT, when we went by on Thursday, he started asking us how we knew that the BOM was true and we were able to have an insanely spiritual lesson. We got super real with him about the struggles and challenges we have gone through to know if the BOM is true. He was SO engaged. In the 6 and a half months I've been here, I have NEVER seen him like that before. The spirit is working so strongly on him and he absolutely is feeling the spirit prompt him to know for himself if this is really what he wants. He is 15 and I think in the past when he was baptized he didn't really understand much. But, now that he is older he sees the importance of God in his life and said he wants to come to church next week! Also, he said he hadn't prayed in a year and a half and he said the closing prayer in our lesson! It was amazing and was exactly the miracle to give us that extra incentive to work even harder with these LA's.

Saturday we had our "Train the Trainers" Meeting in GJ so we traveled down for that and received a little extra guidance as trainers and trainees. Yesterday, we had church and a HUGE snow storm came in and it hasn't stopped snowing since. We taught a fun lesson to the primary kids about prophets and had "King Benjamin" (really Elder Baker haha) come in and visit them :) It went great! In the evening since it was snowing so badly we just went to contact a referral and ended up finding three potential families out of it! We just went up to people and took their shovels from them and shoveled three driveways in 2 hours! It was cold and my toes were frost bitten, BUT we got to meet some amazing people and open the door for a return appointment. They had no idea why these two random white girls wanted to "quitar nieve" for them, but we did it in love and it was an amazing miracle/experience. In the evening we went to visit another LA and ended up shoveling their street in front of their trailer and taught a quick lesson. It was a fun break and great experience to contact all of these people that were ready and willing to receive our service.
Train the Trainers meeting
I love being a missionary. Many miracles are coming in San Juan and I feel SO privileged to serve at this time. The work is hastening. Truly. How I deserve to be this happy, I have no idea. Yesterday, I hit my year mark of going through the temple and receiving my endowment for the first time. I can't believe how happy this decision to serve has made me and I love the miracles and memories that living and serving as a representative of Jesus Christ brings. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Today I have such a strong testimony of temples. They provide so much peace and serve as a refuge from the world. As a missionary, we invite people to come unto Christ so they can ultimately end up in these wonderful edifices of the Lord. I couldn't ask for a greater duty.
Me with a huge icicle!

Make it a great week, wherever you are!

Love, Hermana Pierce


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