We TRULY Are Instruments in the Hands of the Lord.

March 2, 2015

WOW! This was an absolutely AMAZING week filled with HUNDREDS of miracles. So, let me start from the beginning!

On Wednesday morning during my personal study, I felt prompted that Sister Gogue and I needed to go to a trailer park called "West Main" to tract that day. I had tracted this trailer park before since I have been in Montrose and was unsure why I received the prompting. But, I told Sister Gogue during our companionship study that I wanted to change our plans for the day and go and try West Main.
So, after our studies, we met up in another trailer park with the elders to introduce them to an investigator we would be handing off to them. When we finished, they asked us where we were headed and we said we were off to tract West Main. One of the elders expressed to us that they had just recently tracted the whole park and that almost everyone in there had done the survey and wasn't open. They gave us a referral of one trailer we could try but other than that, they said it was pretty much dry.
Feeling completely discouraged, Sister Gogue and I got in the car and I began to cry to her, wondering what more we could possibly do. I have been in this area for 7 months now and have knocked every trailer door I could possibly find. I was so confused of where to go. I said a silent prayer and found myself driving to West Main. I thought at the least, we could contact the referral from the Elders.
Well, we get over there, park the car, pray, and get out of the car to contact the referral. No answer. So, we decide to knock the door next to it. Rejected. Next door, same thing. We continued in this pattern for about 10 trailers in a row. No answer, or rejection. Finally, we arrive at a trailer with countless crushed beer cans and cigarette buds lining the walkway to the door. I remember thinking in my mind, "Great, this oughta be good!" We knock. An unshaven, rough, hung-over man answers. We introduce ourselves and explain the survey. He says he will answer the questions. We ask the questions. We introduce the Message of the Restoration. We teach the Restoration. We ask to come back. He says yes. We get his phone number and set an appointment for Saturday. We leave. A miracle in itself! Although he was a single man and would be a referral for the Elders, we had taught a lesson and found a new investigator for them.
Our spirits slightly lifted, we continued to the next house. A woman named Sarai answers. Same story: survey completed, lesson taught, return appointment set, new investigator found. Another miracle, and even more incentive to keep going. Well, needless to say, we continued in West Main trailer park for the next 2 hours. When all was said and done, we had completed 6 surveys, taught 5 lessons, and found 5 new investigators.
When Sister Gogue and I finally returned to our car, just in time to leave for our dinner appointment, I couldn't help but find myself in tears at the miracles that had been performed by the Lord. Suddenly, it all made sense. The Lord had prompted me. I had intentions to follow. The adversary tried to discourage me. We acted anyways. On Saturday, we found the time to return to West Main and finish what we started. We then found 7 more new investigators, including a family of 5.

Jumping for joy at the miracles of the Lord!
We finished the week with 14 new investigators, 23 total lessons taught, 21 completed surveys, and 7 investigators with a baptismal date.
I am constantly amazed by the mercy of the Lord. Just when you feel like you can't go on any more, He sends you exactly what you deserve. I will never again doubt the power and authority of the revelations we receive. I am so grateful that I was being obedient, reading the Book of Mormon, study journal open, with my mind prepared to receive the promptings of the spirit. Because of that, someone may inherit their eternal salvation. We TRULY are instruments in the hands of the Lord.

I love this gospel and I LOVE my mission.

Hermana Pierce

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