We Must CHOOSE to Participate in Heavenly Father's Plan

March 16, 2015

Hello family! This was such a WONDERFUL week! We saw SO many miracles and had a great week of finding and teaching! We found 10 more new investigators, have 10 people on date for baptism in March and April, taught 25 lessons, and the best of all...

TOMAS CAME TO CHURCH!!! Which means he is still on track to get baptized on March 29th! I am so excited for him and he LOVED it! He especially loved the family history library when we did the tour with him so we are excited to teach him more about temples :) He is progressing so nicely and is already in the middle of first Nephi in the BOM after 2 weeks of teaching him! We challenged him to read one chapter per day and he is totally up for it! :) He is the true definition of

kept from the truth because he knew not where to find it.
I am so excited for him to get baptized! :) We started the commandments with him last week and HE bore
testimony about keeping the Sabbath

Anahi is doing great! More eager than ever to learn and we are already half way through the commandments with her :)

​ We left some conference talks with her to read and she loves them and is so excited to get baptized on April 11th! Pray that her mom will allow her to come to church this Sunday!

One of our other investigators, Karla is doing so great! We had an AMAZING lesson with her the other night about the plan of

​ salvation. I felt super prompted to review it with her and she responded SO well and said that baptism was the step she knew she needed to take! She agreed that she felt she was ready to learn the commandments and is preparing for her baptismal date of April 19th!

We had the most touching experience with our investigator, Nora, on Wednesday. After our lesson, we asked her to come to church this Sunday. She said she REALLY wanted to but had to work until 12 (church starts at 11). WE asked her if she would be willing to ask her boss for it off, and she said she wanted to, but didn't know how because he only spoke English. So, she asked if we could help her. I wrote out on a sticky note for her, "I would like to ask for permission to attend church services from 11 to 12:30 on Sundays please" and she practiced reading it out loud to us and pronouncing the words. I couldn't help but tear up as I listened to this beautiful lady pronounce these foreign words and struggle to accept Christ more fully in her life. She is still on track to be baptized the 18th of April and although her boss wouldn't give her permission this week, we are hoping he will next :) The atonement of Jesus Christ really does make the biggest difference in our lives because SHE has that desire to change.
The opening and ribbon cutting at Tammy's thrift shop...
SO glad to be a part of it right from the beginning!
​I am very excited for this last week in San Juan. I can't believe this transfer is almost over! My mission is just FLYING by and I absolutely NEVER want to come back to the real world! Haha! I feel like my role here in San Juan was to be humbled and learn how to truly see others through Christ's eyes. Even tho I've had a lot of experiences that have helped me learn this attribute, I still want to embrace Christ even more. I feel so privileged to have served the members of this branch and am SO excited for the success that is to come by the miracles that are being wrought by the Lord. I LOVE THIS WORK! Nothing could ever compare to the joy I felt seeing Tomas walking through the church doors in his bright blue pants this Sunday. I was grinning from ear to ear all day. I feel so privileged to have the fullness of the Gospel in my life and am so grateful for the influence it has in my life and in my family. I am so grateful to be sealed to them FOREVER. I love and miss you all so much. Thanks for your constant love and support!
Hermana Pierce

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