Celebrations For Days!

July 6, 2015


So many miracles this week!

On Saturday, we went and taught Luis and went over all the baptismal questions! He is so ready to get baptized! Well, on Sunday, they came to church and Luis told me that he no longer felt prepared to be baptized and have his interview that day because he thought he might not be able to come to church EVERY Sunday. I assured him that it was our job to be STRIVING to come every Sunday and that the lord understands that things happen sometimes. He was hesitant, so I asked him if he would still have his interview anyways and then he would see that he really is prepared. Well, I talked to Elder Morales and set everything up. They had the interview after sacrament meeting and Luis passed with flying colors! E. Morales said he has SUCH a strong testimony and is so prepared. Luis expressed his concerns about being baptized this Saturday, the 11th and E. Morales told me to just be sensitive as we taught him this week and maybe just push the date back two weeks or so so he can come to church more. We will be teaching Luis tomorrow and will talk about the day he will be baptized. But, nonetheless, he still is SO ready to be baptized and has such a strong desire! We are still fasting and praying for a miracle so he can be baptized this Saturday! I really think he will be :) Then, unfortunately, Blanca couldn't come to church this Sunday because her boss wouldn't give it to her off. But, when we were leaving the church at 2 after the branch break the fast, Blanca called us. she doesn't normally get off work until 4 so i was confused. She said she had left work early because she thought that church started at 2. It touched my heart so much. She wanted to be there SO badly. We had her come to the church anyways and we had an amazing lesson on the law of chastity with a member from the branch.It was the PERFECT lesson and Blanca is so prepared to be baptized. She has such a strong testimony and we were able to talk a lot about the eternal perspective as we taught her about temples. The member that joined us had a similar life experience to Blanca that we didn't even know about. It was such an amazing miracle and although Blanca still needs to come to church twice, she said her boss gave her every other Sunday off from here on out. wow. such an answer to my prayers. I love her so much and can't wait for her to receive the blessings of baptism. She has been WAITING for this. July 19th will be one of the best days of my life <3

This is Jazi- She likes to balance random stuffed animals on her head--- so I did too ;)
HAHA. It just added to the greatness/weirdness of the 4th as a missionary! ​

July 4th was somewhat uneventful! Sister Newell and I just make rice krispies all morning and then delivered them to our investigators/less actives! We then went and taught an English class to Blanca. sSe is so wonderful and we love her so much :) For dinner, we went to this new less active member's house and had a great meal with them! Afterwards, we watched part of 18 Lives (an awesome musical about the Book Of Mormon that was made by the youth in the 5 surrounding stakes- love it- i've seen it about a million times and I'm sending a copy home!) :) It was a good night!! My year mark was also good! I had doctors appointments in the morning but that night our WML made me a steak dinner with baked potatoes and corn and homemade cookies :) It was amazing and made me think of BBQ's in Texas :) Thanks to my amazing family for an AWESOME package and cute cards to finish off a big day!

We visted with the Buchanans on the 4th of July!
I love serving as a missionary and have found so much solace in the atonement of Jesus Christ recently. I love this gospel more than anything. it is truly the most important thing to me!! Have a great week! thank you so much for all of your love, prayers and support! It means the WORLD to me!

Hermana Pierce

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