June 29, 2015

That's right folks... this week i hit my one year mark of being a missionary! Wow. so so so crazy. I can't believe i'm on the downward slope... I love serving and time just keeps getting faster.
One Year Today!
I don't have a ton of time to email today because we headed up to hike Hanging Lake today (so beautiful, as always!), but here is a quick review on the week!

This week, we got to see blanca several times and she is progressing SO well! We had a couple of awesome lessons with her and are starting the commandments this coming week. She is still on track to be baptized July 19th because... SHE CAME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!!! :) It was amazing to have her sitting next to us. We had a branch activity after as a belated fathers day luncheon. We got to have a lesson with her about prophets in between the end of sacrament meeting and the beginning of the activity and she just kept saying how much sense it made to have a living prophet on the earth! Sister newell and I adore Blanca and know that this will bless her life so much. She is so prepared to hear the gospel. People at the branch on Sunday were asking her how she met the missionaries and she just said, "Well... I was walking home from work and these two random ladies just ran up to me and started talking to me! I told them i would only talk to them for a few seconds... and the rest is history!" Haha! I have never been so grateful to have opened my mouth with everyone we see. This will change her life forever. Please pray for Blanca that she can continue to get work off to come to church the next two weeks and make her baptismal date! It was SUCH a huge miracle that she got work off to come this week (she asked her boss twice and he said no twice- and then she got her schedule and she was scheduled to work the night shift instead of the morning! an exact answer to our prayer and fast--- such an amazing experience. I was jumping up and down when she told us!). Blanca was smiling ear to ear when she let the church to go to work yesterday :) .... and so were we!!! (we celebrated with a HUGE mid air high five! haha such losers.)


Hermana Newell and I with Jazi on the hike!

We also got to teach  Luis on Saturday (finally!) and he is so amazing. We had a great lesson about prophets and the word of wisdom and he is seriously the cutest! He said he still hasn't gotten an answer about being baptized on the 11th but we told him we are so proud of him for taking this so seriously! He totally will be baptized in two weeks- he told us he already knows its all true!! :)

That's all I have time for today! Sorry I didn't have time to write about some of our other miracles and funny stories! but I love serving, I love my companion, and I love this gospel!

Peace out from me and Hermana Newell!

Until next week!
Hermana Pierce :)

This is me- post waterfall! I went and ran thru it...
and then got rebuked by the park ranger-
but hey, it was worth it!!!
Ask for forgiveness, not permission, right? :) One love!



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