Cracked Windshield = New Investigator!

August 10, 2015

Hello everyone! This is going to be a quick email, but this week was good! We were able to proselyte this week, which was great!
Quick update on investigators!
Stella Mendoza! :) She's been investigating the church since 2002 and she is awesome! She's almost gotten baptized like 5 times, but is SO ready to do it this time! She's on date for September 20th! We were kinda bummed she wanted to do ti so far out, but it had a lot of personal and family significance to her, so we're just going with it. We see her almost every day and she is so ready to be baptized! She already says that this is HER church and cant wait to baptize her girls when they turn 8. She struggles a lot with mental health so she really depends on us as missionaries. It's been really awesome to develop a relationship with her so quickly. She is sweet and we can't wait for her baptism!
​Funny Story/Miracle of the week!
On Monday evening Sister Chandler and I were sitting in our car ​next to some apartments getting ready to pray and go see a former investigator. Well, we were just about to get out of the car when all of a sudden a rock hits our windshield and cracks it! We were so jumped by it, so we got out and turns out a little 10 year old girl was throwing a rock as a joke at some kid (bad joke if ya ask me... hahah) and missed and hit our car! Well, we told her that it wasn't our car and that someone now had to pay to have it fixed, even tho it was an accident. The poor little girl felt so badly, but we had to have her go and get her dad. So, the dad, Juan, comes out and we talked with him about what happened. He was hispanic so we chatted in Spanish and then got all of his insurance info. As I was writing it all down, we got chatting with him and found out he's met with missionaries twice before. We shared a lttle bit about our purpose and set up an appointment to come and teach him that Thursday! Well, we went over on Thursday, and had a GREAT lesson with Juan! He is awesome and has so many wonderful questions about the gospel! It was definitely the most unique finding experience I've had, but what a great story it will be when he gets baptized ;) 2 HUGE cracks in the windshield later and he is now a new investigator!
​Love you all!
Hermana Pierce​

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