"Mija... We Already Crossed the Border... Everything Else is Easy Now!"

August 17, 2015
Well folks... That is a DIRECT quote from our wonderful recent convert, Emma Zuniga... Her mom used to say that to her when she would get discouraged as a kid... I found it somewhat comforting ;) HAHAHAHA.

So the family history center is closed today so I don't have quite as much time, but this week was good! We were able to see a pretty cool miracle last night!!

We went to go and try a new less active, the Munoz family. The sisters had previously taught her but it had been a while since anyone had been to see them. We met the mom of the family, Natalia and started talking with her. She let us in willingly, but was pretty closed off to us at first. Well, we kept chatting with her, getting to know her, her family, background, etc. We got into a really great conversation. She began to tell us about a lot of the struggles she is having right now and the reason why she's inactive.
As our conversation continued, Sister Chandler and I continued to feel inspired on what to tell her. We shared a scripture in Alma about prayer (Alma 37:37) and continued to resolve her concerns. As we continued to talk, I had a never-ending stream of quotes from apostles running through my head, all of which, I had heard on my mission! It was one of the coolest teaching moments I've ever experienced... Natalia would say something, and almost immediately a quote would come to my mind from one of the apostles to help her. I know for a fact that it was not me, but direct revelation from the Lord. He was truly speaking through me, THROUGH the words of modern day prophets and apostles! It was so amazing and every quote I spoke she just about began to cry. Sister Chandler later said she couldn't believe the relevance every quote had to the conversation... she says they were "zing!" quotes... ones that leave the person thinking... haha. It is so true that what we put into our mind... STAYS. So put in good things! And that truly the Lord will bring to our remembrance what we need in the moment that we need it. We met the rest of her daughters, and she eagerly called the rest of her family to set up a return appointment for us to come back on Tuesday. It was the strongest I have felt the spirit in a long time and the strongest I have felt it in Denver thus far.
When we were about to leave Natalia told us, "Ya know hermanas... I really don't know why I'm inactive... I'm so grateful for both of you for coming and finding us today... I think it's about time I come back to church." Prayer answered.
I hope this message find you well wherever you are! Love you all, thanks so much for your endless prayers and LOVE!
Hermana Pierce

PS: Yesterday I sang Savior Redeemer of My Soul in sacrament meeting... Man... That's a tough song. Haha. But, there was a cello involved so it was all okay! :)

PIC: A district selfie last night after a baptism well... because why not?

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