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September 14, 2015

21st birthday
Well hello again!!! This week we had some really special experiences!! One of them being Horalia. She is one of our progressing investigators that is now on date! On Thursday night we had a lesson set to teach her about the Plan of Salvation. We got in there, and there were just a lot of distractions. I had been praying all day for us to find some way to set her on date for baptism, even tho the first time Sister Chandler and Allison tried on exchanges, she rejected it and wouldn't accept the date. Well, as we're in the lesson, there are just all kinds of distractions and it just wasn't going as planned. I kept praying in my heart for an opportunity to arise, for the spirit to be there, and for us to invite her again to be baptized.

Met my cousin, Crystal's husband, Scott
 for the first time at transfers!

Well, we were towards the end of the lesson when her granddaughter finally left and all distractions were "miraculously" removed at once. We started talking to her about the changes she wanted to make in her life and she told us that she was feeling really alone. I testified boldly that if she wanted to see a difference in her life and not feel alone, then she needed to rely on the atonement of Jesus Christ (we had just taught her about this concept in the lesson). Well, sure enough she began to cry (which she never does) and BAM.... the opportunity was there. I testified to Horalia that I know the way we can become closer to Jesus Christ is by following His example and by entering into a covenant with Him - baptism. She knows this is true, but has never thought about the ordinance of baptism seriously. I felt the spirit testify to me so strongly that we needed to REALLY invite her... not just half way invite because we "thought we should." After applying this principle to her current situation, we invited Horalia to be baptized on October 18th. She accepted. It was such a tender mercy and miracle from the Lord. As I had been praying so fervently, the Lord allowed the perfect spirit and setting to arise so that we could fulfill our purpose and invite. It was one of my favorite experiences in Denver thus far and Horalia is SO excited to change her life.

Perfect birthday...tamales and cake!
In other news...
STELLA IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS SUNDAY AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER! She came to the whole ward activity Saturday night and is just so excited to be baptized this Sunday. She has invited EVERYONE to her baptism and is finally going to receive the blessings of this covenant :)

Stella and her babies with me and Hermana Chandler at church!

I am really starting to love the ward here. Things are going great and I can't imagine that my time is coming to a close as a missionary. I have felt so upset this week at moments when I think about doing anything else in life other than this. The gospel has become such an important component in my life and I can't imagine focusing on anything else. But, all things are within the Lord's timing and I must accept that :) I have loved forming even stronger bonds with the members here and have felt like I am really here for a strong PURPOSE. The Lord has such an amazing plan for each of us!!!

Love you so much, have a great week!

Hermana Pierce

PS: Lots of pics today from surprise bday parties from the members this week...one on monday night and then we had a ward talent show on saturday night. At the talent show, we did a really special musical number... "Come Thou Fount" in spanish with a flute and cello and piano and me singing!) Afterwards members made me a bday cake and sang to me; such a sweet action from these wonderful people! :)

Post talent show with Hermana Garcia!!! Love her!

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