"Why Would We Think It Would Be Easy For Us, When It Was Never Easy For HIM?"

September 21, 2015
Love this quote by Elder Holland!
Sooo this week was interesting...
Stella was supposed to get baptized yesterday, but she freaked out the day before because we had to change who was baptizing her and ended up not going through with it. Baptismal programs were printed and everything. It was a really upsetting experience because she was so prepared and ready to make that covenant, but let other things get in the way of her relationship with God. I love her a lot and know she will be baptized one day. I'm finding solace in knowing that we did absolutely everything we could for her and that one day she will realize the difference the gospel has made in her life.

A member gave us some "mole;" I can't even describe it,
but  it is basically like Mexican chocolate salsa
you put on chicken...AMAZING!

Although the set backs with Stella were constant and very stressful throughout the week, we saw a lot of miracles!
One night this week, we had just a few minutes left... we decided we would try to see a Part Member Family that we had been trying to get in contact with for a long time but could never find at home. Well, we went to the apartment and there were people running all over... then, a girl came to the door. Her name was Mirna and is 14 years old. It said on the roster that her mom was a member, so we asked to speak to her mom, but she wasn't home. We started talking with Mirna more and found out that she had been taught by elders a LOT in the past. We taught her lesson 1 and set her on date for baptism! She was so excited for it and was so glad that we found her!
We love cooking with the Leivas!
With Leandro Leiva

Horalia came to church again yesterday. We had some great lessons with her and she is so excited to get baptized on the 18th! :)

I am so very grateful for the atonement of Jesus Christ this week. I have felt Heavenly Father's love more than ever as I have undergone so many trials and tribulations. I know sincerely that our Heavenly Father is just waiting for us to come to Him in prayer and ask for His help. I have gained such a greater understanding of His timing and plan. I love this mission... I absolutely love serving the Lord... even in the hard moments. Siempre seguimos adelante!
Me with a cool cowboy friend. LONG LIVE TEXAS! <3

Have a great week!!! :)

Hermana Pierce

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