The Greater the Struggle, the More Glorious the Triumph

August 25, 2015

Hello all! WOW such an amazing week... let me try to explain!

On Saturday we had sister's conference. It was AMAZING and Sister Murdock gave a great training on charity! It was SO uplifting! Then, I was in Green Mountain ward all day on exchange with Sister Domon! It was super fun and she is a great missionary. We attended the District Leader Council with the STL's that day since we were on exchange with them and just had a really uplifting experience. We are making a goal in our zone to baptize 10 people in the month of October. We decided to join the leadership in their fast for the next 3 Sundays to find FAMILIES and we are also beginning the water fast again. Sister Chandler and I had been having a pretty good week as far as teaching goes, but while I was out of the area on Saturday, she and Sister Allison found 5 new investigators for us! I was jumping up and down when I got back Saturday night and heard all about the miracles they saw! Our sprits were definitely up and we were completely set on hitting the standards of excellence that week. (standards set by Pres. Murdock that if we hit them consistently, we are PROMISED that we will baptize monthly.)

Well, Sunday we set out. We had to set 2 people on date for baptism, do 12 surveys, and teach 5 lessons all in one day to meet our goal of hitting standards that week. we finished church at 12:30 and headed out. We were also fasting... not my strong suit haha. Well... reeeeeeally long story reaaaaaally short, we found 8 new investigators, taught 9 lessons, set 4 people on date for baptism and did 13 surveys. We FAR surpassed our goal and doubled the size of our teaching pool... IN ONE DAY. It was by far one of the greatest miracles I have seen on my mission. We were running from house to house, LITERALLY talking to EVERY SINGLE PERSON we saw and asking them to do our survey so we could teach them, and were completely EXHAUSTED by the time the day finished. We broke our fast at 5 pm that night. During the whole fast, I did not have the urge to eat or even drink water (in 95 degree heat) ONE TIME. I can't even begin to explain or even describe the true, incomprehensible JOY we felt knowing that the LORD had truly LED US to every single person we had spoken to that day. There are so many individual stories of people we met that are just SO prepared by the Lord that I unfortunately don't have time to type out. All I know is that the Lord knows each of us individually, he listens to our SPECIFIC prayers and answers us very specifically in return. We prayed so hard to reach those specific goals and did not even think it was possible, BUT, because we finally decided to be humble enough to see the miracle, we did. It was BY FAR, one of my favorite days on my mission yet. we finished the week with having taught 24 total lessons, 6 on date for baptism, 21 surveys, and 13 new investigators! WOW. MIRACLES MIRACLES MIRACLES. That was not us whatsoever.
I love this gospel so much. I know that Jesus Christ knows us individually and that he extends his grace to us every single day as we strive to become more like HIM. I have felt his grace so strongly this week as I have completely FLIPPED and had so much physical strength! I LOVE THIS MISSION I GET TO SERVE!!! Remember that He truly is in the details of our lives.
ONE LOVE and make it a great week! :)
Hermana Pierce

PIC: GABY AND FRANSISCO CAME TO DENVER!!! Fransisco was leaving to go and live in Mexico this Thursday, SO they came and surprised us in Denver to say bye! We were so so so happy to see them, but so sad to say goodbye to fransisco forever :'((( I LOVE THEM! Just brings me back to the good ole' steamboat days!

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