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October 12, 2015
Time is flying by faster and faster... but nonetheless, we had another packed and amazing week!!
On Thursday, we finished teaching Mirna all of the lessons and she is completely ready for her baptismal interview! She had to come to church for the next 2 Sundays in a row to get baptized on the 18th. On Thursday night we had a lesson at Mirna's and her Uncle (Joaquin- who has been quite negative towards the Church in the past) sat in on the lesson the whole time, even tho he couldn't understand it since it was in English. When we finished Mirna's lesson, I gave him a pamphlet and explained the basic doctrines of the restoration. I bore my testimony that I knew this message would change his life. Joaquin responded humbly by saying, "Yes... I hope it does." A miracle in and of itself. He committed to read the pamphlet and said he would think about attending church on Sunday.
Sunday morning, we headed over to Mirna's to get her up for church. Joaquin answered the door and said she wasn't home and had gone to work with her mom. We had already arranged a ride for her and the member was on her way. As to not leave empty-handed, we invited Joaquin to join us again. Within 5 minutes, Joaquin was in the shower getting ready for church. In the mean time, we invited all of Mirna's brothers to join. The elders are teaching one of her brothers (Juan), but he was hesitant to come. We encouraged Juan and his younger brother Bryan to come and FINALLY, they gave in. Within 30 minutes, Joaquin, Juan, Bryan, and Pedro (2) were ready to come to church. We sent off Juan and Bryan in the first car and had to call a member last minute to come and pick up Joaquin since we had doubled the amount of people we thought would be joining us. We made it to church about 45 minutes late, but Joaquin had the biggest grin on His face. We took him to all 3 hours of church and we even got to go and take the sacrament from another branch that started at 11. When all was said and done, all 4 boys had LOVED their day at church. Later on that day, we went and taught Joaquin and Bryan and set both of them on date for baptism for November 15th. The Lord works in mysterious ways. Although Mirna will have to postpone her baptismal date, we are so grateful that we were able to focus on the concept of forming eternal families. Now, the whole family is progressing towards the same goal of eternal life through baptism :)

I love this gospel. It amazes me how merciful our Lord is to us.

Make it a great week!
Hermana Pierce
Got to have lunch with Crystal and Scott Roosa this week!
It was SO fun to catch up with the family! :)


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