40 Day Sacrifice

October 26, 2015

Hello one and all! I hope it has been a great week! Things here in Denver are great. To start off, my new companion is Hermana Ashley Moody! We have served in the same district together almost my whole time in Glenwood Springs and gone on MULTIPLE exchanges together! I was SHOCKED that we became companions! She came out into the field one transfer after me and President Murdock told us that we would NEVER be companions! So, when I talked with him after transfer meeting about it, he just smiled at me. He then told me that "he had nothing to do with this one... that it was all the Lord." Wow. Sister Moody is a really strong missionary and a Sister Training Leader. Because of this, we will be going on exchanges twice a week. I will be out of my area in the other sisters' areas with them every week for my last transfer. It has definitely been a trial and a blessing and will keep me on my toes this last transfer. I know the Lord still wants me to learn humility and to always be observing and learning from others. I feel really grateful that He is SO mindful of everything I need to become more like Christ.

Also... another plot twist... Hermana Chandler got moved to Denver South! That means that we will still get to go on exchanges with her and she still serves in my ward and we eat dinner together every day :) I was so grateful for this tender mercy from the Lord because I really wasn't ready to say bye to her yet!
In other news, I have come down with a nasty cold/sinus thing this week :( I have been a little under the weather and its been hard to sleep at night, but the Lord is still giving me enough strength to work through the days! We were able to achieve the standards of excellence again this week for the 6th week in a row. I am amazed at how the Lord is continually pouring out blessings upon us. I have been able to really feel His hand in our work as we've dedicated ourselves to fulfilling His will this week.
To finish off, I wanted to share with you the sacrifice we are doing as a district. This transfer, we have a goal of baptizing 17 people between our 4 companionship's. That is a LOT of souls. But, of course, we knew this would not be achieved without a sacrifice. So, we have decided as a district to give up an hour of our p-day to go out and find a family that can be baptized in December to help our mission achieve our goal of baptizing 252 souls before the end of the year. I am so excited for this sacrifice, seeing as it has been in the back of my mind my whole mission. When I suggested it to the district I thought for sure there would be at least one objection, but everyone was so willing to give their all for the Lord. I feel really privileged to serve around such diligent, faithful missionaries. With that being said, our p-day will now end at 4 pm for the remaining 5 weeks of the transfer :)
I love this work! I am also sacrificing personally these last 5 weeks and will be really trying to stay as focused on the work as possible... so my emails might go slightly by the wayside... but I am so grateful this week for the opportunity to serve a mission. It has truly taught me the importance of a personal relationship with Christ.
Have a great week!

Hermana Pierce
PS: Sorry, no pics this week! also... sorry this email is very scatterbrained... trying to go fast!

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