Spiritually Feasting

April 13, 2015

Hey ya'll! Things here in Glenwood Springs are great! The weather is beautiful, the work is hastening, and we had another good week of work :)

Here's a miracle to start off!

 On Saturday, we went to contact a potential investigator that ended up living WAAAAY farther away than we thought she did. Well, we get out of the car and are walking to try and find the apartments when I see a guy outside washing his car. I nudge Sis. Arnold and we walk over to OYM him. He turned out to be Spanish speaking and his name was Franklin. We did the survey with him and he had some REALLY amazing answers. Right from the first survey question, I felt the spirit confirm to me that HE was the person I had been praying for in this area to be baptized in May. HE was the elect. Well, we transition into the first lesson and he knew EVERY answer to every question that we asked. We invited him to be baptized by the proper priesthood authority on May 30th and he said YES. It was truly SUCH a miracle to find him. The potential we had been looking for ended up not being there. BUT, we KNOW that we were led to that random street to find one of God's elect waiting to hear the true, restored gospel. I received SEVERAL confirmations from the spirit that HE had been selected by the Lord. We are so excited to meet with Franklin again tomorrow :)

​As far as progressing investigators go,​ most of them took a couple of steps back this week, which was a little sad, but we are working with them to resolve their doubts! We had a SUPER tough lesson with our investigator Patricia the other night where it seemed like everything we taught them while trying to do the BOM Dialogue was disputed with a Bible Bash comment. Sister Arnold and I couldn't believe what we were hearing and just felt prompted by the spirit to bear our testimonies, end the lesson, and pray for them. We did just that, and I ended up in tears as I testified of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and that I KNOW that the Book of Mormon truly contains the FULLNESS of the gospel. When we got back to the car, we were a little discouraged but KNEW that we had fulfilled our purpose and that their hearts would be softened. It was so shocking to hear someone that had loved the BOM so much to completely flip a 180 all of the sudden. BUT, I KNOW that Patricia will continue to progress and feel of the love that I and the Savior have for her.

Other than that, we have just been working hard and sacrificing for the Lord. On Saturday, we fasted from Breakfast until Dinner (a mission-wide thing we do every Saturday to help achieve our goal of 100 baptisms in May) and then we did ANOTHER mission-wide fast starting right after dinner on Saturday until Sunday dinner. Let's just say it was a lot of spiritual feasting. As all who know me are well aware, fasting has never been my strong suit, but after our almost 48 hour fast this weekend, I felt SO MUCH STRENGTH. A recent convert explained fasting to me as, "giving up physical food for the spiritual." I want to invite each of you to fast and discover what more YOU can do for the Lord. I love this gospel and I LOVE being a missionary,

Make it a great week!

Hermana Pierce

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